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A few months ago, I was invited to join Buzzoole. I’m a member of a few different networks for bloggers – ones in which I can chat to fellow bloggers about anything blogging related, ones where I can be found by brands for collaborations, and ones that I’ve signed up to and realised I simply have no idea about!
Buzzoole definitely seemed promising right from the outset. Instead of being just a blogger platform, it’s an “Influencer” Marketing Platform – influencer is a word I’m big on at the moment as I think most bloggers are. We all bring more to the table than just a blog as we’re spread across various platforms, for instance – you’ll find me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more. Brands are recognising that more and more recently and wanting to be part of it – that’s where places like Buzzoole come into play.
Buzzoole give social media users the chance to discover what topics they’re most influential in, and they’ll even reward you for this too, as well as connecting you with brands who will work for your platforms and readers.

Buzzoole influencer marketing review

So logging into Buzzoole, your Profile page looks like the above – it shows your total social reach, an image of you with a description (you choose this yourself) and a little diagram: your influence polygon. When you sign up, you are given the opportunity to connect up all your social channels so that they can measure your reach – this is how they create the influence polygon, by checking out what you’re talking about and sharing on all your different platforms. It’s definitely interesting to see from mine that while “fashion”, which I tend to state is the topic of my blog, is one of my higher scores (29.54%), it’s not the highest – “media” is at 31.34%! I was also interested to see that apparently I talk about technology a lot at 28.55%. Unsurprisingly though, sport is my lowest at 9.61% – to be honest, I’m surprised it’s even that!
Anyway, the polygon is fab for figuring out what you’re already an influencer in and where you’d like to work on more. I’ve also shared mine on my Work With Me page as, from a PR point of view, I think it’s really useful to give a quick overview to brands on where your influence lies.
If you look closely at the top of that screenshot, you’ll see a little 23 in a yellow bubble – this is the amount of Buzzoole credits I currently have. These can be accumulated in various ways, some examples are: inviting friends to join Buzzoole, sharing your influencer polygon, connecting your social networks to Buzzoole, and of course, participating in Buzzoole campaigns, see below for more ways you can earn them:

buzzoole review

You can then convert your credits into Amazon vouchers once you earn enough – 50 credits gives you a £15 gift card, 150 is £50 and 250 is £100. So far, I have only earned credits by filling out the survey, completing registration etc. as well as inviting friends to join – I have not yet completed a campaign which gives credits, but they all vary – for example, I’ve seen one at 200 credits.
So far, I have only been invited to join one campaign – I received an email for this asking me if I’d like to join. It was a very simple process as you click through to the site to see campaigns you have been invited to. You can then read the information on the campaign, including how many credits you’ll be rewarded, when the deadline is, what exactly they’re looking for, then you can choose whether to join or not. I have heard a few people mention that the deadlines are sometimes very tight, so that may be something to be aware of, but I haven’t yet had this.

One final thing that you can use Buzzoole for is networking amongst influencers. As Buzzoole is a giant collection of influencers around the world, you can search through their registered users for people who you’d like to network with then follow them, and they can follow you back. It’s a bit like a mini social network in itself!

The only thing I’d love Buzzoole to change is that they don’t currently accept Pinterest as one of their social platforms – this is annoying it’s one of the places I’m currently focusing on and a platform I have good reach on, so hopefully they’ll include it soon! You might also want to note that they don’t track things like pageviews and unique users on your blog as they’re an overall influencer manager rather than simply focusing on the single channel that your blog is.

So, are you on Buzzoole yet? If so, let’s network! If not, make sure you sign up here to find out about your influence and to connect with brands looking to work with you on campaigns – see you there!
I’ll finish with this awesome little video they’ve created, enjoy!

This is a collaborative post, but is an honest review of the site as I have experienced it.

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