Find Your NYE Outfit Fast With These Tips!

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With Christmas behind us and the last hoorah of the holiday season quickly approaching, we have officially entered into the final days of the year. And while we are finalising our New Year’s resolution lists and all the other things we plan to do better when 2016 rolls around, there is one more important task to complete before the calendar turns…

Finding a New Year’s Eve outfit!

Some girls have had their ensembles picked out for quite some time already, but for those of us who got caught up in the holiday hoopla and didn’t have time to snag a sparkly new dress, we’re scrambling for last-minute NYE outfit ideas. New Year’s Eve is not just any holiday, after all. It’s so much more! It signifies new beginnings and getting rid of all the setbacks and disappointments experienced throughout the past year. It’s a sign of fresh starts and an anything-can-happen attitude. It’s the ultimate reason for a do-over.

That’s why it’s so important to look and feel your best as you head into the new year. It’d be a shame to start off on the wrong foot! So with that being said, I decided to compile some New Year’s Eve fashion tips in case you’ve still got nothing to wear.

Sparkle On

New Year’s Eve is the best excuse all year you have to wear as many sequins and rhinestones and glitter as you’d like. Take the opportunity to bring on the bling with either a sequined dress or skirt. But if your style is a little less flashy, you can get away with wearing “a shirt with a bejeweled collar,” like Teen Vogue suggests.

Essential Accessories

Wearing the right clothing is only the first step to making your NYE outfit shine brighter than ever. You also need to accessorise accordingly. If you’re already wearing a sparkly ensemble, consider a fur stole, as noted by Bustle. It’ll glam up your look in no time and make you feel like royalty.

A Pop of Colour

Monochromatic colour schemes are great, but if you want to stand out in a room full of sparkle, you’ll need a little something to propel you above the masses. For an “after-dark wow factor,” you should try a “pop-bright” cocktail dress like Lyst recommends. It’ll add a whole new dimension to your look and give you that extra edge you need to take on 2016 with a brightened outlook and fresh perspective.

Don’t Forget The Shoes

Last but not least… The shoes. Commonly known as a “girl’s best friend,” a sassy pair of heels will do wonders for your confidence as you count down the seconds to the new year. It’s been said time and again that with the right pair of shoes, a woman can accomplish anything. That’s the mentality you should have if you’re looking to reach new heights and be your best you yet! Whether you’re a lace-up lass or a daredevil who loves leather, wear a pair that personifies just who you want to be this year.

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