Lifestyle: How interior design choices can reflect your own personality

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Choosing a design for your home that reflects your personality will not only provide a more comfortable space but will also help to create a home that feels like your own. Your home is a place that you will always come back to, so adding a bit of your own style and personality to it will help to provide a welcoming atmosphere and make your home feel much more personal. We’ve been at IKEA (again!) today choosing a few small “finishing touches” (remember some of those from this post?) for our house as well as some lighting for the hall, and I’ve got some wallpaper now just waiting to go up in my sewing room which has already gone through several changes in the 8ish months we’ve lived here!

Many people base their design choices on things that they like and enjoy. Some people may love having a mix of old-fashioned and contemporary décor whilst others may prefer to completely modernise their home. If a particular room does not match your personal style, this may change your feelings towards it. You want to feel happy and comfortable in your home, so it is important to choose a theme that suits you.

One important decision to make when it comes to interior design is what colour scheme you will have. Some people may choose neutral colour schemes whilst others may prefer bold colours that reflect their bold personalities. Think about what colours suit your personal style. If you love bright colours, then choose a colour scheme that will keep your home bright, airy and fresh just as you like it. If you are the type of person who prefers not to stand out, then choose neutral schemes as these blend in well with many different types of furniture and other accessories. Personally I like a mixture – I like sleeping areas to be quite neutral and “peaceful”, but I’m trying to make our dining room and my sewing room a bit more fun and interesting.

Think about what would best reflect your personality when it comes to deciding what style you would like your home to have. You may prefer to have a style that is a little retro or quirky or you may prefer a more elegant or contemporary look. Exploring different interior design ideas will enable you to decide which style best suits your personality. A few simple accessories such as photos or ornaments can help to add personality to your home and make it feel more like your own.

Lighting can also help to reflect your personal style. Some people may opt for lighting that provides bright, stylish and practical rooms whilst others may prefer to be in control of their lighting and choose dimmer light switches or spotlights to create a more homely and intimate atmosphere. If you prefer to have plenty of natural light in your home, then you may wish to opt for stylish wooden shutters. Shutters help to keep rooms looking bright, airy and fresh and with so many designs available, you can easily find something that will reflect your character.

By making a few simple design changes, you can easily create a comfortable home that mirrors your individuality. Choosing a design that is right for you will help to provide you with a good feeling every time you walk into any room and will help to transform your home into one that you can enjoy and relax in for many years to come.

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