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Lush haul
Remember back in August last year when I got this giant haul of Lush items from their flagship Oxford Street store? Or at least, it was pretty giant to me – I’m sure the seasoned Lush addict will think nothing of this! And while it may seem that I’m still ploughing through them, that’s really just the lateness of this post and the fact that I never got round to reviewing every one of them.
So, better late than never I thought – plus I didn’t show you my absolute FAVOURITE Lush scent of all: Honey Bee.
Honey Bee bath bomb Lush

Honey Bee was actually one of the first bath bombs I picked up in recent times which I think sparked my current Lush addiction. I actually picked it up based on a rather odd fact – the fact that apparently my grandad used to be known in the local area as “Honey Bee”. And oddly, I know this apparent fact thanks to Ben who knew my grandad by that name before he actually knew me – yes, the area we live in is pretty tiny, it’s strange. So I picked this on nostalgia reasons mostly to start with.
I’ve never been a huge honey fan in general to be quite honest. I do quite like this Burt’s Bees body butter and I love those old fashioned honey scented wax candles, but actually, I had a fairly traumatic experience with honey (or as traumatic as honey can be…) when on a school trip, we were force fed a sample taste of honey, all from the same spoon…like 30 children. At least, that’s what the memory is to me, I’m actually doubting they would do that now, hmmm…
ANYWAY, so I surprised myself by realising that I quite liked the scent of this when I picked it up in the store. I surprised myself even more by realising I fell in love with it the first time I dropped it in the bath. So much so that I ended up repurchasing it on my trip to Oxford Street, where I was intending to purchase only exclusive items, and Honey Bee can be bought anywhere.
It’s definitely got that sweet honey-like scent, but behind that is a toffee-ish note with a citrus background. The bath bomb is quite pretty, yellow with sand coloured swirls (or is that sand coloured with yellow swirls?!), but not overly exciting. I was interested to see on first use that some of those sand coloured parts hadn’t quite dissolved – it turns out those are bits of Rhassoul mud which is supposed to have natural cleansing properties. I find it quite moisturising, and those bits are also a little bit exfoliating (read: slightly scratchy on the skin, but not irritating – I’m not explaining this well, am I?!).
I actually ended up with a WHOLE Honey set for Christmas (okay, I chose it myself as Ben’s grandma had a fall and didn’t go out, so he was instructed to choose something for me, but shush!). That includes a Honey I Washed the Kids soap, It’s Raining Men shower gel and Soft Coeur massage bar, all in that same honey scent – I’m in love with it!
Have you tried Lush’s Honey scent?

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  1. January 27, 2016 / 9:36 am

    Oooh, it sounds wonderful and I love your story with your Grandad! I’ve never been a huge Lush fan but the products sure are pretty.

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