Peak District Take Three

Winter coat outfit UK Winter coat outfit UK Winter coat outfit UK

Back to the Peak District outfits again – I just had to take advantage of the beautiful location and the fact that I had a few outfits I liked ready to go. To be perfectly honest, this isn’t a separate outfit at all really – I’m just wearing this one underneath it! Most of our visits to the Peak District take place over the winter months – we even spent New Year there back in 2011/12 – so they involve a lot of wrapping up to keep warm, especially as when we turn up on random occasions like this, there may have been no heating on for months, and when the cottage is a small stone structure in the middle of nowhere, it means it’s really really cold. We’ve got quite good at sorting it out as soon as we arrive though, so we have a little routine of getting the door unlocked then running straight in to switch on the storage heaters (which we definitely didn’t understand the first time we visited back in 2010!), light the fire and turn on fan heaters in the bedrooms, otherwise it’s freezing going to bed a couple of hours later! We’ve also now found multiple hot water bottles in the cupboards, then it was revealed to us on this trip that one of the storage heaters actually has an inbuilt fan heater on it – we’ve gone 6 years travelling there at least once a year without knowing that, can you believe it?!
So anyway, the pictures you see here are how my outfits look the vast majority of the time in the Peak District – a warm coat, giant scarf, hat and sensible boots. Yes, sometimes I wear the boots with a skirt or dress, so kill me! The coat is getting pretty old now – I bought it back when we lived up near Richmond and I was teaching. That feels a lifetime ago now, even though it was only just more than 3 years ago now. I pull this coat out every winter even though it’s going bobbly and looks a little scruffy now. It’s one of those comfortable old favourites that I wear over and over because it’s easy to throw on but is slightly stand out in the bright mustard shade. It actually featured on the blog once a long time ago – look how poorly I look there! That was when I got really ill with my gallbladder while teaching – I think I was actually signed off work at that point thanks to it, although I still spent more time than I would do at a normal job working while signed off ill because I was working to complete a qualification and there weren’t enough staff to create materials and keep up with the marking for my classes, so I had to do it all from home and just have someone sit in my lessons. I was barely sleeping or eating as I was so ill, hence why I look so awful – glad that gallbladder is long gone now!
On with the outfit spiel though! The hat was my work Secret Santa present – there’s always the worry that a secret santa present may not be something you like, but I’ve definitely done well in my time – this hat was a winner! It’s very thick, chunky wool, so is very warm, and I just love the faux fur bobble on top too. So all in all, a pretty standard, wrapped-up-warm Peak District outfit.

Winter coat outfit UK Peak District outfit

Outfit Details

Hat: Secret Santa! (but similar here) | Coat: George at Asda | Blanket Scarf: JoulesJeans: HollisterBoots: Clarks


  1. January 26, 2016 / 3:59 pm

    You look so cozy! I love this jacket and hat – so cute!!

    • Sian Thomas
      January 26, 2016 / 6:07 pm

      Thanks! The coat is getting quite old and bobbly now, but an old fave 🙂

  2. January 27, 2016 / 9:09 pm

    Gorgeous photos! I love your coat! Hopefully it will last a while longer. Love this outfit. You look so bundled up and comfortable yet so cute!

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