Thigh High Boots & Jeans

Thigh High Boots ASOS Key to my Heart outfit Thigh High Boots ASOS Key to my Heart outfit Thigh High Boots ASOS Key to my Heart outfit Thigh High Boots ASOS Key to my Heart outfit

Oh hey ground, you’re looking super interesting again! Why do these photos keep happening to me?! I speedily edited these this morning before work, ready to get inserted in the blog post so without realising, discovered I’d, yet again, picked all photos in which I was fascinated by the ground! One of these days I’ll become a proper professional fashion and style blogger, I swear, but for now, we’ll stick with ground-staring photos.
Anywho, the point of this post was actually to show off my super stylish over the knee, thigh high boots, and I ever so slightly failed in that aspect too as I only managed to get forward facing photos of them and not show off the uber cool lace up design at the back (that you can see here). As I said, one day I’ll be a real fashion blogger, I promise.
Nevertheless, it was an outfit I wore, so an outfit for the blog it is. And I did really like this outfit too, despite it being a little chilly around the middle. I should probably admit now that these are photos from, well, about a month ago. Remember when we had that slightly warmer, Spring-like weather before Christmas and you could just about get away with no coat? Yeh, these photos are from all that way back then, so it was slightly less chilly than the random flurries of snow we’re having today. And truth be told, I’m too fearful to wear these boots on days where there’s the possibility it could be icy – heels, ice and Sian do not mix. In fact, just ice and Sian do not mix.
It was actually around all the Black Friday/Cyber Weekend deals that I spotted ASOS were offering 20% off, so I trawled the site making just about the biggest wishlist possible, then cut it back down and realised that really the only thing I wanted was these boots and a nice sensible top like these. Then it turned out that the boots weren’t actually available in my size…disaster! I usually wear a size 5, but I’m actually probably a size 4.5, not that anywhere really makes them. It means I can get away with 4s on occasion, but 5 is usually my best fit. Sadly, neither of my fallback sizes were available, but a size 6 was…so of course, I purchased them in a 6. I was worried they might end up way too big with my feet sliding around everywhere, but fortunately, they’re not massive and wearing a thicker pair of socks than usual helps. It also helps that they go so high up my leg and are very tight as they “cling” on more – does that make sense? As in, if they were shoes, they would fall off, but because they’re tight boots, they stay put. They’re my new favourite thing for when I want to look like a superwoman. Jeans are my most sensible way of wearing them, but I’ve also gone for them with a skirt that ends just above the top of the boots and skirts that end below knee, for additional warmth you see.
It’s a pretty simple look really – I’m trying to stick to my resolutions still (all the way back from 2014 now, oops!) of buying only items I really love and will wear several different ways. “Classic” was one of the ways I decided I wanted my style to head in 2014, and I feel like I’ve taken that on a bit, but I could still go further. I’ve read that it’s a top trend for 2016 anyway, so while I don’t try to stick to trends, what I see in the shops, on runways, in magazine and on other bloggers tends to influence me and my purchases, so if I’m seeing that around a lot, it should mean it’s easier to buy!
And of course, at the same time I just had to buy this top. It was a sensible purchase, I swear! I love roll necks at the moment, and if they’re cropped, all the better as they go with my high waisted clothing better. Sadly this is a little shorter than I’d like – spot the flashes of skin! – but is still wearable. Besides, I can just chuck a cardigan over the top too!

Top: ASOS | Jeans: Hollister | Thigh High Boots: ASOS

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  1. I’m glad that you were able to make these boots work for you by wearing them with thick socks! I never would have thought of that as a fix. They look great on you!

    • Sian Thomas says:

      Thanks lovely! It’s a sneaky trick of mine as I have quite narrow and shallow feet, so the length often works but my feet slide around 🙂

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