A Pillow Story: Finding The One

Finding the perfect pillow

So when I lived back at home with the family, I had the perfect pillow. So perfect that I never actually stopped to consider that different pillows might work for different people – I didn’t think about how soft or how firm they were, because mine worked, I wasn’t ever uncomfortable and it was mine. Then I went to uni and got a couple of new pillows – I can’t for the life of me remember where they came from, but I know I must have got 2 more as my bed at uni was a double bed (well, three quarters – how annoying are those?! Just a bit too small for two people, but still bigger than a single). At home, I still had my single bed I used in the holidays, so my bedding for that one stayed there, but I have to admit, I did occasionally swap the pillow from home in with those when I travelled between the two!

I’ve now moved 4 times since I started at uni (pretty much once a year!), and during that time, my pillows have got monumentally mixed up. Ben’s pillows joined in the mix somewhere along the way in our various moves, so we ended up with a whole lot of pillows when we finally moved into our current house (where I hope we’re staying longer than a year – I think we will be, considering we’ve bought this one!). I’d thought my current was fine until one morning I rolled over to Ben’s side of the bed when he’d got up and realised that, oh my goodness, his was SO much more comfortable than mine. I now spend my nights attempting to swap the pillows and grabbing his as soon as he leaves for work an hour before me.

My current pillow is fine, and fine is not really the word I want it to be – I want it to be perfect, like Ben’s! But sadly, we can no longer remember where his came from either. I’ve now gone through a bit of a rigmarole of pillows – ordering several online to try and find the exact one that’ll work for me.

Our spare room pillows (as well as our duvets and towels) come from Soak & Sleep, so I tried their Ultimate Microfibre Silk ones – I love microfibre in general, and I really like the idea of silk in a pillow as apparently it’s better for your skin. But sadly, they weren’t firm enough for my liking. It might be a bit weird, but I hate when pillows bunch up around your face – I end up laying on my arm or my hand then to stop them coming up around my nose and mouth and trying to suffocate me, then end up with a completely numb hand and wake up panicking that it’s someone else’s…so I have a choice between suffocating and having the fear that someone else’s hand is under my face in the middle of the night – not a great choice to have. So while these pillows were super lovely, they’ve unfortunately had to go back – I really wanted to keep them for the spare room, but like I said, we already have some in the spare room and a couple of spares in the cupboard (you know, in case we have like a giant house party and loads of people stay…because that’s going to happen…).

So anyway, I’ve now got another couple on order: these firm bamboo memory foam ones from eBay. They’re satin on one side, have a removable cover and are made with shredded memory foam. I also like the fact that they’re bamboo and hypoallergenic (not that I usually have allergies, but it can only be a good thing!). Unfortunately, I got these delivered to the wrong address so they’re currently awaiting pick up at one of Ben’s old colleagues houses. In the meantime though, I’ve still been thinking about pillows and have now spotted The Pillow from Eve Mattress – I’m sorely tempted! Described as “affordable luxury” with plenty of support for all types of sleepers (I’m usually a side or back, but I shuffle…a lot) and a 30 night free trial and free returns – I mean, what could the harm be in ordering those?! I do also like the fact that they’re made in the UK with materials sourced within the British Isles – they’re exactly the kind of retailer I’d like to support.

So, can you believe I’ve just written a 750 word post just about my problems with pillows and the fact I haven’t found The One yet?! Who would have thought I could have aged about 40 years in the life span of a single blog, going from talking about fashion and clothes just a couple of posts ago, to rambling about bedding now?! But my question to all of you is: HELP! Wait, that’s not a question…the question is, do you have the perfect pillow? And if so, please tell me what it is to spare me any more of these rambles about pillows!


  1. February 2, 2016 / 7:49 pm

    LOL I can totally empathise with you about finding the right pillow! I had a Dunlo pillow for years but realised it was, like, SO old and disgusting, I needed to replace it. But get this, the new Dunlo pillows are NOTHING like the old ones! Grrrrrrr. I’ve tried lots of cheaper ones in the meantime, but nothing was right. Finally, last year I decided to just go and order a new Dunlo pillow online (living in Portugal, I couldn’t find them in the shops here). So it arrived and I tried it a few nights – I hated it. Talking to a friend about it, she took a look at it and offered to take it apart and see if she could take out a little of the middle to make it more comfy. And she did, and it worked! YAY! Finally, a comfy pillow 😀
    By the way, there is another pillow available that is amazing but quite expensive – Tempur. I think next time I’m going to splash out!
    Suzy x

    • Sian Thomas
      February 2, 2016 / 9:15 pm

      Oh, that’s so frustrating – to have one you love from a brand you love, but them not to make them the same any more! But that’s such a clever solution your friend had – amazing!
      Ooh, yes Tempur – I’ve felt them in stores but not quite sure of them for me. Why is it so difficult?!

  2. Sandi
    February 2, 2016 / 8:41 pm

    Have you tried “My Pillow”? Can be checked out at their website. Have been delighted with product…and price. Good luck!

    • Sian Thomas
      February 2, 2016 / 9:16 pm

      Ooh thank you for the recommendation – I hadn’t heard of them before but I shall have a look!

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