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Dolly & Dotty dress review

A couple of years ago, my style didn’t have a particular “focus”. I would wear anything that caught my eye or was pretty and cheap. Nowadays, I do tend to have more of a specific style I like and that is retro, classic and pin up. I’ve talked before about how I’m an Imperfect Pin Up as I absolutely love the complete pin up look but am useless at hair, make up and accessories to match the clothing. I’m also happy to buy and wear high street clothes that masquerade as retro. But my favourite brands are those which create pin up and retro “repro” style clothing – pieces that are vintage inspired but made to a slightly more modern cut so that they can blend in with current trends too if need be. Collectif is my absolute favourite (I mean, did you see all the clothes I own from them in the Imperfect Pin Up post linked above?!), followed closely by other brands like Lindy Bop and Hell Bunny. And I may have a new contender for a fave: Dotty and Dolly.

Dolly & Dotty dress review

Dolly & Dotty dress review Dolly & Dotty dress review I was asked to pick out my top 3 dresses from their site and they would pick one of those, and oh my goodness, was it difficult to just pick three! I’m SO glad they didn’t ask me to choose one 😀 Well, I had to start somewhere so I decided first that I’d just bought a couple of Collectif pencil dresses so I’d be better to go for a day dress than a fitted one – that narrowed it down by about half. Then I decided I’d also be better going for something in a more wintery colour and style since my summer dresses, despite them being my favourites, get very little wear thanks to the good old British weather. I’m always more drawn to browns, burgundies and oranges throughout autumn and winter, so I decided to pick my favourite few styles from them in these colours. I was also sorely tempted all the beautiful ginghams and tartans, but I do tend to have an overload of these in my wardrobe, so I tried very hard to stay away from them! (Not that I don’t have an overload of polka dots and florals too…)
So, drumroll please, my final choices were:

And as I’m sure you can tell, it was the Wendy that made its way into my wardrobe! I’d say the colour is somewhere in between a burgundy and plum, ideal for those dark winter jewel tones I was talking about. Although, let’s be honest, the sleeveless aspect of it isn’t quite so winter-approprirate!
I debated over which size to choose for a while as I sat in between an 8 and a 10 on their size charts. In the end, I went on their advice to try a size 8 and was really pleased that it fits perfectly, despite my bust being over the measurement for the size! I love that the dresses come with a belt in the matching fabric (and I swear I won’t lose it…) to help cinch in at the waist too.
The quality seems very good for the price. The fabric is quite thick and sturdy, although does crease quite easily. I wore this dress out to the theatre (to see Mary Poppins, and yes, it was amazing!) and by the time it had finished, it was rather creased at the back, but what can you do?! As you can see below, it has a lovely full skirt, perfect for twirling and plenty of room for a small petticoat underneath. I really like that the length sits just about bang on my knees (I’m about 5’6.5″ – yes, that half inch matters!) – it’s a good length for day time wear that’s slightly more formal than the usual, but not over the top.
So I’m now planning my next piece from them – I’ve just spotted the Gloria tops which are striped and off the shoulder at £9.99, it would be rude to leave them behind, wouldn’t it?!

Dolly & Dotty dress review Dolly & Dotty dress review Dolly & Dotty dress review Dolly & Dotty dress review

Outfit Details

Paloma Cardigan: Hell Bunny | Polka Dot Dress: c/o Dolly & Dotty | Heels: ASOS

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18 responses to “Dolly & Dotty”

  1. Retro Rover says:

    very cute dress polka dots are such a happy print

  2. Karen says:

    That’s such a lovely dress and it really suits you. Kx

  3. Gemma says:

    I have a couple of Dolly & Dotty dresses and I love them, they’re such a bargain too!

    I have eyed up those purple polka dots before, they look gorgeous on you!

  4. SaraLily says:

    Dolly & Dotty are everywhere in the blogosphere right now! I love it! They do offer such a vast variety! It’s hard to pick just one! I love that their prices are affordable too!

    • Sian Thomas says:

      I know – I keep seeing other people’s picks and wishing I’d chosen one of those, but I do love the purple polka dots 🙂

  5. Emma says:

    This dress is so stunning on you! I’m like how you used to be – I have such a magpie style, I love so many different styles but it can be confusing.

    Emma Xx

    • Sian Thomas says:

      Yes, definitely! I’m still definitely all over the place, but slowly narrowing it down and focusing a bit more 🙂 xx

  6. Suzy Turner says:

    I love your style, and the fact that you’re happy to buy high street (did you call it repro?) and I think it suits you down to a tee. This is such a cute dress – I’m off to check out the rest of their collection now! I wonder if they post to Portugal 😉
    Suzy x

  7. CiCi Marie says:

    Ooh I love the shape of this one! I struggled to squish my bust into the Vanessa dress, but the Poppy dress I had no trouble with, it was an ideal fit. I think that’s sometimes the risk with these budget brands – their sizing can be all over the place. But when you get something that works for you it’s amazing. This suits you perfectly! x

  8. Shazia says:

    Such a lovely polka dress Sian. You looking fabulous in this 🙂

  9. Goodness, that’s a lovely dress. So classic, sweet and elegant – plus that shade of plum-y maroon is flat out stunning on you.

    ♥ Jessica

  10. Wendy says:

    Oh I love Collectifs and that is a fabulous dress, such a pretty color too, you certainly picked well but then I might be a little bias as we share a name 🙂 x

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