Finding The One

How to find the right pair of jeans

It can be difficult finding The One – you need to know that you’ll fit together, that you’ll get on with each other, that they’re the right length…oh wait, you thought I was talking about men?! Terrible pun, I know – but I couldn’t start a post like this without at least an attempt at a terrible joke like that. I also have to mention how smug Ben is about being featured in two blog posts in a row: he always moans about having to help me out with blog posts, whether that’s as photographer, model or stylist (see my last post for explanation!), but when people then comment on them or he reaches the top of the Chictopia Style Gallery (yep, that happened), he thinks every success my blog has ever had is down to him!
So like I said, you might have thought I was talking about finding The One – ie. Mr Right – more than likely you didn’t think that to be honest, but there we go. In fact, I’m talking about finding jeans – does anyone else find it impossible?! In fact, based on the amount of blog posts out there about it, I’m sure you do. So I’m here to bring you a few tips (and woes) about finding the right ones, for men and women. As usual, some of these tips may have Ben’s “comedy genius” included in them…

How to find a pair of jeans

The jeans I’m wearing above are Hollister and Ben’s are Jacamo* who incidentally have provided a few of their own tips on how to find The One pair of jeans for you. While those are all well and good, Ben decided to weigh in with his thoughts too. His initial response when I asked him was:

Make sure they have no holes in

Great tip there…I mean aside from the obvious holes for legs, and well, otherwise, which he felt the need to explain to me too. I did however manage to coax a couple more tips out of him, so he’s not entirely useless, I swear!

Make sure they’re what you need

As further explanation, choose the right type of jeans for the right occasion. For example, go for cheap jeans for work (like, manual work, in the garden, housework etc.), have a pair for dressed down occasions and everyday, then a more expensive and higher quality pair for more dressed up occasions. Jeans can actually look quite smart if they’re good quality and worn with the right outfit.

Consider sizing

Generally, Ben needs to wear a belt with most of his jeans – I don’t know exactly why, maybe it’s a fashion thing, but he told me to include the belt suggestion.

Consider length

Length is almost as important as waist size. As you can see above, Ben’s jeans are actually slightly too long so he’s got them rolled up, but he tends to do this with most of his jeans anyway (fashun?!). It’s better to make sure you’ve got enough length as they can always be hemmed shorter, but you can’t make them any longer.

Finding the right jeans

And a word on my jeans – these aren’t my perfect pair, but they’re about as close as I can currently get! My absolute favourite pair of jeans were these ones from Hollister – they were a close fit on my legs, which I prefer, but also fit my hips and waist snugly, which can be hard to find as my hip to waist ratio is quite large. Sadly, they got a hole right on the inner thigh last year and have now been relegated to the back of the drawer. Last year, I ended up buying a few more pairs from Hollister while on holiday (they’re SO much cheaper in the US, and were also on sale), which is how I ended up with these ones. They’re not quite right, and I’m still mourning my old ones (so much so that I wore them the other day, only round the house though!), but luckily Jacamo have tips on how to “break up” with your jeans too – I think I need to get past the acceptance stage and get rid of them! I’m thinking reusing the old fabric somehow, but with the hole right at the top of the inner thigh, I can’t even make them into shorts! I’m quite against binning clothing now, after visiting the Oxfam distribution centre and learning that pretty much anything can be reused, even if that’s just as mattress filler, so they’ll be donated if anything.

Do you have any tips on finding The One in jeans? Or how I can dump my old Hollister ones?!


  1. February 13, 2016 / 7:23 am

    Great post! I really struggle when it comes to buying jeans, I’m on the tall side and have a high waist so I always feel like most high street jeans sit in a weird place in me and high waisted jeans are never high enough, I do have a pair of Levi’s which sit perfectly, though its been a while since I was, ahem, slim enough to squeeze into them! I also know what you mean about letting them go,I have been known to wear them with holes and a super long cardy or jumper to hide them, just because they were my favorites!

    • Sian Thomas
      February 14, 2016 / 1:32 pm

      I’ve heard that Levis are very good for high waists and sitting just right – although I looked at buying some and it turns out they’re over twice the price in the UK as they are in America, crazy!! I just need another trip over to get some 😉

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