My Disney Days

Oh, boy – hi everybody! Welcome to Disney Days, a brand new Disney blog all about my love of Disney.

So let’s get started properly, shall we? Introductions first:

Walt Disney statue

That’s me, Sian – the one on the left, of course! I’m sure if you’ve found your way to this blog, or can at least read the plaque on the picture above, you’ll know that the esteemed gentleman (ahem, statue) I’m posing with is none other than Walt Disney.
Some of you may know me better from my personal style blog, Rebel Angel or maybe from my lingerie blog, Big Cup Little Cup. As you can probably tell, I have a few loves in my life (no, I’m not talking about my partner Ben or my cats) – retro and fun style is one, which I feature at Rebel Angel, along with sewing and other lifestyle topics; lingerie is another big one, and that’s what you’ll find at Big Cup Little Cup; and Disney is another massive one. So I thought, why not set up another blog and focus that one ENTIRELY on Disney, and here I am! I know, a lot of work, but I love a lot of things!

Epcot - old photos

And now I feel I should introduce you to the rest of my family, as they’re possibly just as Disney addicted as I am and will likely be popping up on the blog too – so above, meet mini-me and my sister, aged about 8 and 6 I’d say? I don’t have any of our First Disney Trip photos here, but I’m planning to dig through the family albums again soon – I imagine that’ll be a few posts all in themselves!
I like to think we’ve been brought up in the Disney way of life, despite living a good few thousand miles from our “Disney Home” in Florida (that makes it sound like we have a house there – we don’t, I just think of Disney as another home!). We first visited Disney World when we were 6 and 4 back in 1997 when Cinderella Castle looked like this:

Cinderella Castle 1997 - 25 Year Celebration

Sorry about the slightly out of focus and low quality snap – it was 1997, remember?!
And I honestly thought that’s what Cinderella Castle looked like all the time – I was kind of disappointed when we returned a couple of years later to find it wasn’t like that any more! I’m holding out hope for the 50th Anniversary Celebrations to return Cinderella Castle to its former glory – and I know that opinion isn’t widely held, sorry!
Anyway, on with the Disney story! So for every couple of years during my childhood, and teenage hood, and now adulthood (I guess, although I’m still sticking to the Peter Pan thing) we returned to Disney World. For me, it’s a place that will also do what it promises: be the happiest place on earth and feel magical, no matter how many times you’ve visited or how old you are.
So here’s a short selection of photos from our years in Disney:

Bug's Life Disney World Disney World Magic Kingdom Meeting Mickey Disneyland Paris Magic Kingdom family portrait Meeting Goofy in Disney Disneyland Paris

And there are many, many more where those came from! As you can see, some of these include my family, others include friends, and some are from two trips I’ve taken to Disneyland Paris – I can’t actually tell you off the top of my head the amount of trips I’ve made to Disney (Florida) now (10 or 11 maybe?!), so yep, far more pictures and stories where these came from, but hopefully it gives you a little idea of my Disney obsession.
In addition to the parks though, there’s the films, the music, the characters, the stories, the life of Walt, and far, far more. And I wouldn’t even call myself an expert (speak to my friends Charley and Melissa from the photos above for that!). But it gives you a taster of what to expect from this blog – everything from guides to the parks, hotels and attractions to food, films and news on what will be happening next in the world of Walt Disney. And I’m definitely looking forward to it!


  1. March 29, 2016 / 7:22 pm

    Great introduction, looking forward to reading more. Xx

    • Sian
      March 30, 2016 / 8:40 am

      Thank you! I was reading your blog yesterday and really enjoyed it – can’t wait to get more involved in the online Disney community 🙂 xx

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