A few of my favourite Hidden Mickeys


What are Hidden Mickeys and where to find Hidden Mickeys

One of my absolute favourite things about Disney World is the hidden details – the things that an average person might walk straight past and not notice on the way to jump onto a ride, but that a real Disney enthusiast lives for. These are the things that make up that Disney atmosphere that we crave – such as the fact that you won’t find any chewing gum in the parks or that you’ll never spot a character out of place as they travel secretly “backstage”.
But one of the real treats of visiting the Disney parks is searching out Hidden Mickeys. You might ask:

What’s a Hidden Mickey?

This is a (mostly!) subtly hidden representation of our favourite Walt Disney character, Mickey Mouse. It’s usually the typical classic Mickey with the silhouetted 3 circle head and ear shape, but it can also be the side profile or other slightly sneaky representations of Mickey.
The Cast Members and Imagineers at Disney love slipping these hidden details into their work, so you’re likely to see these wherever you go in the wonderful world of Disney, and even beyond! We’ve spotted Hidden Mickeys not only in the parks and films, but also in hotels, restaurants and shops. And even though they’re not “true” Mickeys, we often spot them out in the real world too, in nature, in buildings and even in things like cloud formations!
A proper Hidden Mickey is one that isn’t immediately obvious and has been placed somewhere that it shouldn’t technically be. For example, hidden within a piece of artwork in a queue area or incorporated into the architecture of a building on Main Street.

Over the years, we’ve collected a number of photographs of Hidden Mickeys throughout the various Disney parks in Florida and Disneyland Paris, so here are a few of my personal favourites. I won’t give away entirely where they are, but if you can figure any of them out or you’ve spotted these already, comment below!

Disney World Hidden Mickey Rope
A classic Hidden Mickey! Where could this one be?

Another Disneyland Paris one – not too difficult to spot!

Disneyland Paris Hidden Mickey
This one is a Disneyland Paris Hidden Mickey, with the silhouette of Mickey’s profile – where do you think it could be?
Disney D Hidden Mickey
Now this is an interesting one! It’s not the classic “Hidden Mickey”, in fact it’s a Hidden Disney “D”! A Cast Member friend let me in on the secret of this one and it took me a long time to spot!
Disneyland Paris Hidden Mickey
Another Disneyland Paris one – not too difficult to figure this one out!
Hidden Mickeys Animal Kingdom
I don’t think it’s too difficult to figure out which of the Disney parks these Hidden Mickeys are found in! But whereabouts?
Hidden Mickey railings
Another classic Mickey – do you know where this one is?
Underwater Hidden Mickey
There are a couple of Hidden Mickeys in this particular attraction/area – do you know where?
Hidden Mickey Carpet
This is quite a sneaky one! I’ll give you a clue – it’s in a hotel, do you know which?
Hidden Mickey Downtown Disney Springs
This is a bit of a tenuous one, but I’m certain it’s a Hidden Mickey, what do you think? Any ideas where it could be?

Have you spotted any Hidden Mickeys in the Disney parks? Let me know your favourites so I can search them out in future!

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