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I’ve recently been reading lots of Disney blogs and spotted these tags. I’ve never bothered with doing these sort of things much before because I thought they were only for videos (side note: maybe I should start doing Disney videos – would anyone be interested? I have just got a super cheap version of a Go Pro and we do maybe have a plan for WDW in 2017 that would be AWESOME on camera!). Anyway, I thought I’d get involved with some of the tags, and first up I’m going for the Disney Pixar tag. I came across it on Scariel’s Grotto and also spotted that Tea Is A Wish Your Heart Makes has done it too – let me know if you have as well so I can have a read, or feel free to fill this in yourself too!
I’m worried I’ll be terrible at this as I hate choosing favourites and least favourites, so it’s really hard! I want to start every answer with “This is a tough one!” so just assume that’s included in all of them 😉 I’ll do my best though – here we go:

Which character do you adore most?

Woody gif

I think it’s got to be Woody – he’s such a nostalgic favourite, kind of grumpy (in the best way) and an awesome character.

Which character do you like the least?

lightning mcqueen gif

I was about to go for a villain type character, but thought I don’t necessarily not like their character – you’re supposed to dislike them! Hmm, I think (to Ben’s 4 year old cousin’s dismay) it has to be Lightning McQueen – I’ve just never really connected much with Cars, sorry!

Which character do you relate too most?

merida horse brave

Merida – I know this is more of a Disney Princess film, but it’s still Pixar. I’m not exactly “Brave” (in fact, probably the opposite!), and she’s  lot more “feisty” than me, but being set in rural Scotland, it’s the closest location you can get to my home (rural North Yorkshire) and I love the way she embraces the land she lives in. Okay, so family and friends reading this know I’m not the most outdoorsy person, but my favourite place (aside from WDW of course) is always going to be the bleak North York moors, and as I frequently tell people, it’s the only terrain I’m agile on! So I’m not doing well relating to her right now am I?!

Which sidekick do you wish you had?

crush and squirt finding nemo gif

So I drew a blank at this question, Google searched “Pixar sidekicks” and got this article – how cute is the idea for a story about Crush and Squirt?! I think I’m going to have to pick them as the best sidekicks now, especially as I love Crush’s Coaster in DLP and Turtle Talk with Crush in Epcot.
Although I do have to confess that I love Edna Mode.

Which villain do you like the most?

mordu gif

Mor’du is pretty awesome because he has a song that gets in your head…I’m not generally a villain fan though (who is?!). Then again, I do feel sad for Lotso.

Which best friend would you want to hang out with?

dory finding nemo gif

Dory – she’s funny and loyal. Also Dory and Marlin was the answer I got on this quiz about which Pixar BFFs me and my friend are on Oh My Disney (I’m hoping the friend I used for this quiz will be able to figure out who she is ;D)

Where would you want to live?

brave scotland gif

So I kind of already answered this, but it would be Merida’s ancient Scotland for me. Or if I had to choose another since I already picked that, Andy’s house – American suburbia.

Which outfit do you wish you owned?

Merida dress

So can I just be Merida now please?!

Which two female characters would be best friends?

queen elinor gif 2 edna mode gif

Edna Mode from The Incredibles and Queen Elinor from Brave – they both have a dressing people up thing!

Which two sidekicks would make a good duo?

marlin finding nemo gif flik bugs life gif

Flik and Marlin – they’re both so determined. (Do they count as sidekicks? If not, then who does?!)

Which two characters do you think would hate each other?

mike monsters inc gifwalle gif

WALL-E and Mike – it just seems like Mike would be all over the place and annoying WALL-E making a mess!

What scene makes you cry?

toy story 3 gif

If anyone hasn’t answered the first scene of Up to this, there must be something wrong with them. I can’t watch it now, too much.
And since that’s probably been far too answered, the last scene of Toy Story 3…although that’s probably been a ridiculously popular answer too 😀 And I kind of have to say the “about to die” scene in Toy Story 3 too. Just. Can’t. Deal.

Bug's Life Disney World

What scene makes you cheer?

Hopper being eaten by a bird in Bug’s Life – is that mean?! (I couldn’t find a gif, so instead enjoy a picture of baby-me :D)

Which movie do you love most?

Don’t do this to me – I’ve made so many decisions here already!! Do I have to pick just one?! Let’s do this:
Toy Story.
No, Brave.
Okay, I can’t do it.

Has anyone else done the Pixar Tag? I’d love to take a look – comment with your links below!


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