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We at Bronco are a strange bunch (that’s me on the far left!). Furniture Work asked me to talk about traditions we have in our office to contribute to the eBook they’re creating, so I was only too happy to oblige for this one!

We have a few work traditions, including ones I’ve tried to instate such as #BananaCustardWednesdays (it didn’t catch on), and #MidweekMadness – which is pretty much every week. We also have #OverheardatBronco – I have sheets and sheets of A4 filled with quotes I’ve been collecting over my time at Bronco of weird snippets of conversation you happen to overhear here, it’s brilliant!
If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (go do it now if you don’t ;D), you might notice my frequent posts about Fat Fridays at work though. This is a tradition we started up well over a year ago now at Bronco, back in April 2015, and it’s been going strong ever since. The only problem is that there are only about 16 of us in the office, so we’ve had to repeat the cycle several times already and it’s getting harder and harder to come up with ideas! Here are a few we’ve had in the past:

Fat Friday ideas - cheese and biscuits

All different kinds of cheeses, plus bread, crackers and grapes.

Scones with jam & cream Fat Friday

Scones with jam and clotted cream sparked a lot of debate – which way round does it go?!

My first Fat Friday was homemade salted caramel brownies, lemon drizzle cake and dairy free cheese, pesto and sundried tomato bread swirls!

There was still ice cream left over from #FatFriday, okay?! #icecream A photo posted by Sian Thomas (@xrebel_angelx) on

This ice cream one with all the toppings went down really well, and there was enough left the next day for the above! Decorate Gingerbread men Fat Friday This was another DIY Fat Friday – this is me in gingerbread form! Fat Friday pulled pork Another of mine: pulled pork sandwiches with BBQ sauce and coleslaw. But also not pictured, we’ve had everything from nachos to Wimbledon themed strawberries and cream, Japanese sweets to Turkish Delights, a giant batch of Yorkshire puddings with gravy to….insects! Yep, we ate insects one day, and nope, I wasn’t even squeamish about it – in fact, it wasn’t even my first time XD Last week it was my turn again and it was strongly suggested I make it a “Fit Friday” rather than “Fat Friday”. We’ve recently had a gym put in at work (read all about it here) so we’re on a bit of a health kick. I’m even in with a personal trainer tomorrow morning as work have organised us a few sessions if we want them! So my week had to be something sweet and healthy…thinking along the lines of energy boosting cereal bars, I decided to go with a healthy flapjack/cereal bar, yoghurt drinks for protein, and for something tasty on the side, healthy chocolate fudge! This is made with a Hemsley and Hemsley recipe tweaked slightly. Neither my flapjack nor my chocolate fudge had refined sugar in them (both made with a combination of honey and agave syrup) and they were dairy free too with coconut oil – it’s a little expensive but I think it adds a really nice taste and is slightly healthier. Fit Friday

Do you have any workplace traditions?

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