Holiday Plans: Europe Road Trip

Right now, I should be somewhere above the North Sea or Germany – let’s hope it’s not France as apparently flights over French airspace tomorrow are getting cancelled and delayed…touch wood! I’m doing that weird thing again – scheduling posts for the future (there’s another for tomorrow too and hopefully next week as well!) and talking about it from the past, very weird.

So my plan is to talk about holiday plans – things I want to do while we’re in Germany, Austria and Italy. My parents have made a lot of plans for us, and I leave them up to it a lot of the time as they make good decisions, but I’ve got a few things that I’m really excited about and hoping to do too.

Austrian Alps

First travel plan though? Even before we set off for the airport? Making sure everything is safe in the house. Seriously, it’s something that’s really important but I hadn’t really considered until we owned our own home – when you suddenly own everything from the bricks it’s built out of to the books stacked on the shelves inside it, it suddenly becomes very important. We hate putting the cats into the cattery when we go away, not because they don’t like it (they really don’t care where they are as long as there’s food and warmth!) but because they get SO car sick. Our vets is literally a mile down the road and last time they both managed to be sick on each other. And one has panic attacks. It’s weird, she sounds like a rattle snake…
So Ben’s sister is going to spend some time at our house while we’re away (a mini holiday for her!) looking after them and the house, and the couple of days she can’t do, we have a neighbour who is coming in to help out. Luckily Ben’s also there on the technology front with Tado heating that comes on with our phone’s WiFi (although I’m thinking we won’t need that on at the moment!), Rako lighting (that never fails to confuse me) that will come on at specific times, alarms for radios set on our Sonos system (we have this in place anyway for waking up and coming home from work to the radio playing)…can you tell Ben works for a smart home company?! I’m just thinking that we need something like the Panasonic Smart Home System for our appliances while we’re away – have you ever seen the Michael McIntyre “We trust the fridge” sketch?!

Hofbrauhaus Munchen

We’re landing in Munich and the family have decided we’re going to the Hofbrauhaus that evening. They visited one recently and loved the experience, so I’m excited to see it for myself. Although I have to admit, I don’t like beer…or loud music! Ah well, it’ll be an experience 😀


Hand Painted Egg Shop

We’ve been to Salzburg several times in the winter before and always visit this shop (see some pictures here), so I’m pretty sure we’ll be making a beeline there!

Sound of Music Tour

We’ve never done one of these in Salzburg, so it might fun to one – you might remember my idea of visiting Austria in summer is frolicking in the mountain meadows a la Sound of Music!


I’ve heard tell that there are some lingerie shops in Salzburg including Intimissi (of course I’d find that!) and I’m hoping to scope out some fabric shops too for lace – I know it’s not Switzerland, but it’s at least a bit closer than we are! I’ve come across a couple of sites (here for example) that Google Translate is telling me sell fabrics in Salzburg, so something to try!

Triglav National Park

So this is actually right at the top of Slovenia, which is a country I’ve never been to and isn’t far from the Austrian border. I’ve literally just spotted it on the map and decided I want to go because it looks gorgeous. We’ll see if there’s time (and if the rest of the family want to go too!).


This is the last stop on our trip, and we only have one full day here as Ben and I fly back the next day. It was my suggestion that we go to Venice and apparently I’m the plan maker for it, although I haven’t done very well – I’ve been so busy trying to get all my work in order before leaving! I know I definitely want to the typical tourist things like St. Mark’s Square, the Rialto Bridge, see some Venetian masks, wander the canals and eat some good food. I may make us follow this Venice in a day guide! If anyone has any more specific recommendations though, please throw them this way.

There are loads of other things we plan to do, such as walking in the mountains and lakes, visiting other tourist places (which I can’t quite remember names of right now!), visiting a hot springs, and eating ALL the food. Do you have any recommendations for me?

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