Meraki Silky Mist Body Scrub: Review

Meraki Body Scrub review

I’m a bit of a Pinterest addict. There, I said it! Although a slightly useless one as I go through phases of using it massively, as in pinning hundreds of things a day, to getting busy and forgetting about it for a few days, then back to hundreds a day again. I use it as an inspirational place, to store things I want to come back to, and to scroll through if I’m bored.
I like to click through on things on Pinterest before I repin them to make sure that I’m not helping out one of those spammy pins, or one that just takes you to a homepage (where you can NEVER find the tutorial or picture you’re looking for!), and also for those users to get some nice relevant click throughs. One of my daily ventures, I stumbled across some gorgeous homewares and clicked through to find out whether this was an inspirational image site or something I could actually buy and was taken to Trouva. I then spent a good few hours minutes adding basically half the site to my wishlist.

So imagine how excited I was when they got in touch just a few days later (massive coincidence? Are they stalking me?! We will never know…) to ask if I’d like to try out something from their Meraki range. Of course I was going to say yes!

Meraki Body Scrub review

After a lot of deliberation, as everything looked amazing, I picked out the Meraki Silky Mist Body Scrub. Mostly because I got obsessed with a specific type of body scrub when we were in Downtown Disney in Basin a couple of years ago – basically I’ll take pretty much any scent from this range, please and thank you. I decided not to bring one home as they were heavy and bulky, and I’ve spent my time since then regretting this decision and trying to find the perfect replacement for it.

Well, I think I finally have! What was so amazing about the Basin one is that the salt/sugar crystals within the scrub were quite big and hard. They didn’t break down in the solution around them or dissolve as soon as you put them on your skin, and the Meraki scrub has exactly the same texture. It’s also really moisturizing but at the same time doesn’t leave the oily residue you can get on your skin sometimes after using moisturizing scrubs in the shower.

On top of that, it’s got a lovely scent. I picked the “Silky Mist” one not knowing what the scent would be but imagining something floaty, light and ethereal, thinking misty mountain air. And it lives up to this name for me too – I can’t put my finger on the scent but it’s definitely light and fresh, with a slight herb background, but definitely not in a medicinal way. Generally it’s super sweet scents all the way for me (check out my usual Lush picks), but this has that spa-like relaxation smell.

I’m also a big fan of the packaging – it’s simple and effective, so it would look good in any bathroom. I do have one very slight qualm with it which is that the lid must have been not tightened all the way when it was sent as there was a slight oily feel to the outside of the tub when it arrived, but fortunately it was well-packaged, wrapped up in paper and a cardboard box and I couldn’t see that any substantial amount had leaked onto this at all – it was just a very small amount onto the outside of the tub around the lid.

Have you tried any Meraki products? Or have you bought anything else from Trouva? I’m a MASSIVE fan of this Mickey Mouse Plate, which I note has just gone into the sale – if I have any money left when I come back from holiday…

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