Top 10 Summer Eyewear Trends 2016



The overarching theme of this season’s eyewear trends seems to be individuality. Fashion runways have seen a lot of unique, interesting eyewear that accompany designer clothes that play on textures and prints. This season’s eyewear pieces show a lot of personality and quirky designs. Wearing these pieces is definitely not for the faint-hearted—or those who want to fit in instead of stand out.

Oversized Sunglasses

oversized sunglasses

Summer 2016 is the season for flashy eyewear. Eyewear is no longer just an accessory, but a statement piece all on its own. The most noticeable eyewear trend is oversized glasses. Sporting large lenses and thick frames is the way to go this season. The glasses typically dominate the face, with frames extending out to the ears or even past the eyebrows. The frames themselves may be oversized, but they may also have a lot of embellishments. Whatever the size of the frame or the lenses, the rule here is to go big or go home.

Edgy Shapes

Designers are urging people to be a lot more adventurous with their frame shapes. Choosing a simple frame in a drab color is boring. This summer, let’s experiment with edgy shapes and futuristic, asymmetrical frames. Handmade glasses are BIG this year and are taking on new and interesting shapes, and frames are in new and interesting positions. These glasses give off a vibe reminiscent of the Matrix, or of vintage sci-fi movies and television series. They have a combination of geometric shapes that come together and form and intriguing piece of eyewear.

Colorful Cat-Eye

 sunglasses daisy

One thing that all these pieces have in common is the use of bold colors. While a futuristic theme is also gaining ground, the cat-eye frames are making a comeback. Now, though, they have adapted to the times and come in candy colors and modernized forms. There are feminine frames with soft curves, while there are squarish, jointed frames that give a more masculine vibe to an outfit. Cat-eye frames are versatile and can lend flavor to an outfit. They can be used to to give your outfit a vintage flair, or to give it a modern twist.


Aviators are a classic, and they will always be in vogue. They always lend a vintage flair to any look. However, this season, they have been updated and modernized. Thick plastic frames take the shape of aviators and come in pastel colors. The lenses come in interesting colors such as lime green or a bright yellow. This season’s aviators are sleeker to look at, and bring visions of 60s mod to mind.

Lenses with Interesting Colors

Lenses no longer have to come in shades of black, brown, or gray in order seem chic. A variety of colors are very visible this season. Lenses can come in green, yellow, purple, red, and orange. Darker lenses, meanwhile, are highly reflective. Some glasses also have clear lenses, while some have an ombre tone. The goal of these lenses seem to be as flashy or eye-catching as possible. These colored lenses are definitely a must-have for a fun day at the beach.

Lenses in Irregular Shapes

Lenses no longer have to come in the usual, familiar shapes. More and more glasses come in funky, interesting shapes like stars and wings. Some look like dark, reflective blobs. Some come in animal shapes, while some have mismatched lenses. These interesting shapes make your glasses—and you—look fun and adventurous. Just imagine sailing or driving around in exotic locales with these strange but interesting glasses. You can instantly feel like a character in an indie or road trip-themed film.

Plastic Frames


While wire frames are still prominent, we see a lot more of plastic frames. These frames come in a variety of bold colors. They can be matte and opaque, or shiny and translucent. Plastic frames are commonly more versatile and eye-catching than wire frames. With this season’s focus on outrageous shapes and eye-catching colors, plastic frames are the better bet. Plastic frames can also be large and wildly shaped while being light and easy to balance.

Rimless Glasses

Rimless glasses are something that subverts the other trends. However, it doesn’t mean that rimless glasses pack any less of a punch than glasses with statement frames. Rimless glasses are often oversized and cover almost half of the face. They come in edgy colors or with designs etched on them. The trendiest pairs come in aviator shapes or oval lenses. They are typically dark and almost opaque. Wearers can look mysterious and fashionable with these glasses.

Matching Frames with Clothes

Eyewear is supposed to accessorize an outfit or accentuate certain facial features. This summer’s new eyewear trend, however, is to match the eyewear almost exactly to the outfit. If the outfit’s colors and black and white, then the glasses’ lenses are black and the frames are white. If your shirt or dress has a floral pattern, then your glasses should have floral embellishments as well.

High Detail

Speaking of embellishments—how often do you see sun glasses with flower, leaf, fruit, or abstract detailing on the frames? It’s going to be a lot more often now. Several fashion shows have included highly-detailed frames in their looks. These embellishments can be both subtle or over the top. Some frames can have a simple illustration of a flower on them, while other frames can have small plastic fruit or gaudy golden roses glued to them. One thing’s for sure—the louder your eyewear is, the better.

So—are you looking over your sun glasses collection now? It’s time to update your collection with some unique statement pieces. Many designers such as Banton Frameworks are putting out a lot of these trendy eyewear, and you can definitely grab a pair or two. You can also trawl flea markets for cheaper finds or make improvements on your existing eyewear yourself. Just keep these trends in mind and incorporate your own unique sense of style.

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  1. sarah
    July 12, 2016 / 10:24 am

    I think that the classical RayBan looks great in any ocassion and with any cloth

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