Holiday Casual: Denim Shorts

Casual holiday outfit

Denim shorts have always been my holiday casual daytime wear staple. I might love wearing skirts and dresses, but when you’re spending the day exploring in the heat, shorts are kind of a necessity, especially if you’re hiking in the Austrian mountains as I was here (okay, not so much actual hiking, more wandering, but you get the picture) or at theme park – rides don’t mix too well with skirts, I’ve discovered.
Over the years, I’ve owned a few pairs of denim shorts – I’ve got 2 ancient pairs (I mean they were old when they featured in these Florida posts here and here in 2011!) and a couple of more interesting, and more modern, pairs: these “Aztec” print ones and these American flag ones. The one thing all these shorts have in common though? They’re super short! And the two pairs in those Florida posts? So tiny!! As in, they sit ridiculously low on the hip and finish very, very high on the leg. As in, barely even on my legs… They surprisingly do still, just about, fit me, like 10 years, possibly more, after I bought them – cray! But they’re not exactly the most comfortable nor the most in fashion any more with their super low rise.
So basically, I no longer want to go out in any of the old denim shorts I own because they have so little coverage. I was wanting some for work to wear too and they would just NOT do! So I finally took the plunge with this new pair of denim shorts with a more comfortable high waist and cut off legs:

Denim shorts ASOS

I actually found them on ASOS through a site called Octer where I was positively drooling over all the lovely summer stuff. They were featuring loads of lovely summery pieces in an edit when I came across these shorts so I just had to add them to my basket.
The sizing was kind of weird on them though – I tend to go for a size 8 in most clothes, but a size 10 in trousers, shorts and jeans. Because they sit high on the waist, I debated over going for a size 8 but settled on the 10 just in case. Well, the size 10 arrived and they were pretty teeny! I got them on and done up, and while they were a really good fit on my waist, they were SO tight around my hips! It’s that kind of denim that’s quite stiff and has no stretch whatsoever, so while they were on and done up, they just weren’t comfortable. I had to go for the size 12 in the end and they’re much better, although as you can maybe see, slightly too big on the waist – although that’s a bit more comfortable in warm weather at least!


Austria views

I shared the first photo above the other day but wanted to share it again along with another too as it’s my 8th anniversary with Ben today – crazy! I say this all the time, but I’m still not sure why he’s stuck around with me this long XD I’m a nuisance!
In fact, I’m even more of a nuisance at the moment – I’ve managed to get an eye infection over the weekend so can’t wear my contact lenses. Normally this would be fine – I have glasses that I wear once every couple of weeks to give my eyes a break. But, of course, on Friday I broke these – the arm snapped clean off! Ben sellotaped them up for me, but it’s no use – they’re so wonky that they make me super dizzy, like perspectives have gone all weird.
Then there’s the car – I’ve still got my snow tyres on, woops, and one tyre is almost completely bare now. I noticed before we went on holiday then promptly forgot about it. We’ve been digging around to find some good tyres at the best price from somewhere like Point S but it’s tricky. I know it’s super important to have the right tyres on, especially I use the car for at least an hour every day on my commute, but right now I can’t drive until I can see again so I can’t sort it!
Although there was one time having the wrong tyres on actually came in handy! When I went to Leeds Fest with Beth a few years ago, we were only there for the day so had the car parked up in one of the fields. During the day it rained quite a lot and turned into its usual mudbath. I hadn’t thought about it until we returned to the car to find everyone else pretty much completely stuck in the field – it was at the bottom of a hill so they were skidding, spinning tyres, mud flying everywhere. I was terrified we were going to get stuck too, especially after seeing a Land Rover, which is made for that kind of environment, sliding slowly back down a hill. BUT, I’d accidentally left my snow tyres on (common theme…I know) and apparently they work on mud too because I started up the car, kept the revs as low as was humanely possible while still keeping the car moving and we just slowly trundled up the hill to the top without a single bit of skidding – and this was in a Nissan Micra!

Casual holiday outfit

PS: I would “Outfit details” this, but it’s all ASOS (and the top is old!) so seems pointless 😀

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