How to Refresh Your Home Look for The Summer*

Valspar Greenish Grey fence paint

It’s the summer, and even Britain might have a few days of heat left to offer yet (let’s keep our fingers crossed!). If it gets too sweltering outside, you’ll want to retreat to your own sanctuary to cool down, and do so in a way that offers a refreshing reflection of the season. Luckily our house, being quite a new build, keeps quite cool in the heat, but our garden room gets really warm!

One great way to breathe new life into your home is getting a day bed like these for the front room, or even for a conservatory. The transformation will be immediate; it will offer the comfort you need for entertaining guests, plenty of seating, and maximise the floor of your area for its various usages throughout the summer months. Then it can be easily transformed into a night bed should guests be staying over. Day beds are also excellent solutions for giving seating ideas to any bedroom, and comes in a wide range of styles and sizes, so they can even be used to lighten up a child’s room. I’ve got one for my sewing room as I like to have somewhere to relax when I’m hand sewing or for other people to sit if I’m working in there that can become a bed if people are staying.

When investing in furniture to update the home, matching is key. Selecting a different frame or headboard can have a huge impact on the room. There is endless inspiration from characterful wooden to unique leather or leatherette framing to breathe new life into a room, however, so it shouldn’t prove too difficult to get the pieces to consolidate that smooth compatible theme you need. To make the vision easier to accomplish you can get next day delivery whatever you choose, to anywhere in the UK. That means no time wasted sprucing up your home and refreshing the décor. Having a French style frame for example, not only adds character and cosiness to the bed, making for an inviting night’s sleep, but provides the foundation for the classiest of themes that can then be added to with other furniture – like small tasteful white French dressing table, which will also brighten up the room by catching and reflecting the summer sunlight.

But there are other ways your bed can help you to accentuate your living space. Freeing up some room by investing in these innovative Ottoman style storage solutions is another great way to re-optimise all the rooms in your home. This is another way to accomplish that extra needed floor space. Then you can add a sumptuous armchair for reading by the bed, or for drinking in a view of the garden as it blooms throughout the summer.

Accessories to add the finishing touches could include separate under bed drawers to match and contrast those new frames. Finish by mixing and matching full set of cushions to brighten up the covers on top, and mix long with short cushions to add variety.

All of the above solutions mean you don’t even have to change the décor and takes the work out of refreshing the look of your home.

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