What to Wear at the Beach This Summer

Scarborough beach huts

Not everyone who goes to the beach is there to swim and that makes it a little tricky trying to decide what to wear. Sometimes you go to the beach to hang out with friends and other times you go to listen to the sound of the waves crashing against the shore. There are times when there will be a beachside concert or a cookout and those are the times that you may want to think about an outfit that is suitable for the beach yet in keeping with a party. Then there’s also the issue that some of our beaches look like, well, this – and that’s not even in proper winter, only autumn! Here are some ideas on what to wear to the beach this summer.

Beach Dresses and Cover-ups

If you are not serious about going into the water but would like to enjoy a bit of fun in the sun (like me!), a cool floral dress like those you can find on the Axparis.com website would be ideal. These are typically above the knee and look quite lovely with sandals or wedged shoes. Beach dresses can be worn at the beach, at ocean side restaurants in shopping stores and even at the cinema. They are casual enough to be worn at outdoor activities and if you want something a little more ‘dressy’ to head into the evening too, you could opt for a midi length that goes to the mid-calf area of the leg.

Short Sets for Romping in the Sand

Sometimes a bunch of friends get together for a picnic lunch and a quick game of volleyball. Short sets are perfect attire for occasions like this as you wouldn’t want to wear a skirt that would make it virtually impossible to frolic in the sand chasing balls and scoring for the team. You might be able to wear a skirt over the shorts for side trips before and after the beach, but if you are going to indulge in any sports and games, shorts would be the best choice.

Flip flops, Sandals and Athletic Shoes

Again, depending on exactly what you intend to do on the beach, you could wear flip flops, sandals or athletic shoes. Playing a game of volleyball might be best accomplished with the support afforded by athletic shoes but a walk down the beach or enjoying a picnic lunch would mean you could wear any kind of shoe you wanted, or none at all! Choose a shoe that goes well with your outfit and you will be the most fashionable non-swimmer on shore.

Hats and Sunnies

If you are going to be spending any great length of time on the shore, you will want to wear a hat with a very broad brim. This keeps those bright UV rays from burning the fair skin on your face so that you needn’t worry about skin cancers popping up in future years or dry, chapped skin today. Fashionable sunnies of course help to protect your eyes from bright sunlight but they also provide a trendy appeal to your shorts set or summer beach dress. Designer sunglasses add that extra something to any outfit all summer long.

Going to the beach is loads of fun in the few short months the weather is warm enough to get out in. Choose the right outfit for the activities you’ve got planned and you can simply relax and enjoy your summer, in or out of the water.

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