25 Facts You Might Not Know About Me

Denim shorts ASOSThere’s one blog I’ve read for about a bazillion years and have probably read every post on there: Charlotte at Girl Next Door Fashion. We both started up blogging at a similar time and I think I stumbled across her through Lookbook.nu where we used to share all our outfit posts and try to get more “hype” – lolz! We’ve gone through similar blogging crises over time, both starting out as personal style and outfit posting blogs and morphing into more lifestyle focused ones as we’ve grown up, out of uni and into the “real world”. Despite the fact I’ve read her blog for years, I read her recent post on 25 facts about herself that you may not know, and I didn’t know a lot of them!

So I thought I’d take a leaf out of her book and do a copycat post with 25 facts that you might not know about me. Some of you have been around here reading for years, but some of you are brand new readers, so hopefully there’ll be something interesting you can all find out about me! I do ramble a lot though so it’s possible any (if not all!) of these have come up on the blog at some point in time. I’ll try and stay away from the most obvious facts (I’m sure you ALL know by now that I have 2 cats and my obsession with Disney) so here goes!

1. I can sing, but only choral music. I mean, I can sing other things if I want to (and constantly do at home!), but choral and church music is my area. I’m in a local choir now, sung in a proper choir at school and I was actually awarded a choral scholarship to Oxford when I was 18 – I didn’t get in after the interview stage a few months later, but I’m still very proud of the fact!

2. My earliest memory is my christening. I was christened when I was 2 at the same time as my younger sister and I remember having water poured on me from a big pink shell.

3. I did a module in Human Dissection in Antiquity at uni as part of my Classics degree. It definitely got me some funny looks when I was searching for the room the first time and asked someone if they knew where “Human Dissection” was taking place!

4. I used to be a super fussy eater. When I was a child, I would only eat pizza, chips and chicken kievs (healthy…). Nowadays I will eat anything except wasabi (I’ve even tried insects more than once!), but I’m not a big fan of sausages or mince.

5. My entire name is Welsh because my grandad’s family on my dad’s side comes from Wales. Hannah (my middle name) was my great grandma.

6. I sometimes love doing really repetitive and menial tasks – I think I have a super busy brain and it gives it a break!

7. I need routine to keep me functioning. I have always been a terrible sleeper (talk to my parents about the remedies they tried with me when I was a child – they can go for hours!) but I’ve discovered that having a strict routine helps me. If I’m not in bed by 10, I start to panic and I need to force myself to get up and not sleep in too long on a weekend or else I’m properly out of kilter for at least a week.

8. I don’t really drink. I’ll have a glass of wine or a cocktail every now and again, but I’m not a fan of it and I will never get drunk – I have a fear of being out of control and feeling sick (more on this another time) and drinking contributes massively to it.

9. I’m a little bit addicted to murder mystery TV series – any given weekend evening, you’ll find me watching Midsomer Murders, Lewis, Sherlock, Silent Witness, Vera, Death in Paradise, New Tricks…the list goes on! Fortunately Ben’s addicted too ;D

10. I don’t like coffee – unless, it’s packed FULL of sugar or tastes of chocolate rather than coffee, I find it SO bitter. I also don’t drink tea often, I’m just not a fan of it. Because of this, I don’t have a lot of caffeine, so if I ever have so much as a mocha, my heart rate goes crazy.

11. Speaking of which, I have a crazy fast heart rate naturally. Its resting rate rarely drops below 100. I’ve seen doctors, I’ve had tests and I took medication (which gave me nightmares!). Apparently it’s just “normal” for me.

12. I could eat any amount of cheese and bacon potato skins with sour cream, or prawn cocktail crisps.

13. I didn’t think I had any allergies until one day at work we were talking about kiwis and I said that I didn’t understand how people can eat them so often when they make your mouth tingle and sting. Turns out that’s a mild allergy! (And no, I’m not eating them with the skins on like they all suggested!).

14. I’m not really into popular music. Instead I get obsessed with a certain song or artist and will play a specific song over and over…and over…and over. (Ben gets sick of me!). Recently it’s been Young & Beautiful by Lana del Rey (because of this scene in The Great Gatsby) and the Ocean Eyes album by Owl City; previous ones have been Regina Spektor and the soundtrack to Saving Mr Banks.

15. I can spend hours in the bath. Sunday afternoons at home for me are a toss up between reading in the bath, sewing and blogging.

16. I try really hard to be positive about everything and see the good in people.

17. I have far too many interests – I want to do everything! Every week I’ll come up with another wacky venture I’d like to undertake and I’m working my way through many of them.

18. I don’t like breakfast. I try really hard to want it but I just don’t feel like eating when I wake up. Also if I eat in the morning, I’m hungry within like an hour, no matter what I eat (I’ve tried lots of protein and porridge, neither seem to work!). If I don’t eat till mid-morning, I won’t feel hungry at all. I’m weird.

19. I’m slightly obsessed with grammar and spelling (please don’t go back through the blog and point things out – I sometimes spot things and get annoyed I missed them!).

20. My hair grows crazy fast. I’ve had it below waist length and bob length several times in my life because it doesn’t stay short for long and I’m terrible at booking hair appointments.

21. I’ve worked at Bronco for 3.5 years now and I love it. I can’t imagine working anywhere else! Plus, where else do you get Fat Fridays every week and your own gym?!

22. Before Bronco though, I taught Classics and Latin at a private school. I didn’t get on with it in the end – too much focus on the “curriculum” and passing exams, a not-so-great colleague/mentor (I had two – one was brilliant, the other…not so much), and my gallbladder all contributed to my leaving. I still love working with children though so volunteer with Girlguiding and I’m a leader for our local Brownie unit.

23. If I could live anywhere in the world, it would either be where I am right now (North Yorkshire) or somewhere in America. I want to say Florida because, you know, Disney, but I think I’d actually prefer somewhere like Oregon, South Carolina or Virginia – they’re all states I’ve loved. In fact, I very nearly took a postgraduate course that would have placed me in a US college for a while, but I was approached to teach instead.

24. I am a fabric “collector” (rather than addict ;D).

25. I’ve been blogging at Rebel Angel for 6.5 years and used to write on Livejournal and in diaries before then. I’ve been writing as long as I remember!


  1. Lynsey
    August 23, 2016 / 8:45 pm

    I found this really interesting, it’s lovely to know more about you and things that make us similar such as needing routines for good sleep, hating coffee unless it’s chocolate, not really drinking, childhood fussy eating (or being awkward as my mum would say) and my favourite, being a fabric ‘collector’ (and patterns too). I am pants at grammar and singing although I still do. Everything else seemed so interesting and I enjoyed reading it.

    • Sian Thomas
      August 25, 2016 / 2:07 pm

      Really glad you enjoyed it, and that’s so interesting that we have so many similarities but also differences too – makes us all so unique! xx

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