5 Awesome Online Quizzes & Games

Because we all need a bit of downtime sometimes, right?
In my job, I get to work on and create some really awesome things – we come up with ideas for clients that might end up as a viral piece of content, an infographic packed full of pretty images and useful information or a really fun quiz or game. And in order to create these things, I need to know what’s already out there – hence, some of my days are taken up with researching and analysing the fun things that are out there. Sounds awesome? Yeh, it kind of is!
And because I come across so many of these on a daily basis, some campaigns that are being run by other brands and companies to bring awareness to a certain cause or an aspect of their business, some just for fun, I wanted to share some with you. Some of them might brighten your day and give your brain a little bit of that downtime that we, especially full time workers/part time bloggers, definitely need!

1. The Personality Test – 16 Personalities

INFJ personality quiz

We loved this one in the office – it went around via email and I’m pretty sure we all took part and compared our different personality types. I’ve done a few of these style quizzes before and always get the same thing (INFJ), but this one had a way more in depth explanation of what that means in all areas of your life including relationships, career, friendships etc. It even gives you a little illustrated character to represent your personality – I’m The Advocate apparently! It was hugely spot on for me, and I even got Ben to do his own at home that evening too which was really interesting as some of our beliefs or answers to the questions were very similar and some were massively different. It definitely helped me to understand why I make certain decisions and act ways in certain circumstances.

2. Die Hard Disney Fan Quiz

Disney quiz for die hard fans

If you thought I wasn’t going to include a Disney quiz in this, you clearly don’t know me well enough! And it’s definitely a die hard fan one as I didn’t get them all right – more than half though ;D Give it a go if you’re a big Disney fan of more than just the films.

3. My Perfect Holiday Quiz (via)

dominican republic quiz

See you in a few weeks…I wish! Ben and I were trying to decide where to use up our last week or so of holiday days for this year and were searching for travel inspiration – this quiz got it spot on for me! Unfortunately, we’re still a bit short on days for this so we’ve got a different trip planned (more on this soon), but after putting in the weather I wanted (hot), what I wanted to do (relax) and how much I was willing to spend (mid-priced), I got Dominican Republic – yes please!

4. Slither.io


Those of you that owned Nokias back in the day and miss the classic games we had on those we LOVE this – it’s like a modern version of Snake that beats all the other attempts to make something as fun out of the park. And it’s just as addictive (I’m sorry!). I got the office hooked on this one day after clicking onto it from a random tweet I’d come across. Just go and play, you’ll see what I mean 😀

5. Olympic Sport or Not

olympic sport or not quiz

This one is super topical – with the Olympics just being over – and is also really interesting to me as the Olympics were originally set up in Ancient Greece (in Olympia, where I visited in 2011), so I thought I should surely be able to play the system with my superior Classical knowledge of the original games. Yeh, nope! I failed spectacularly at this one and got far too many wrong that I should have known – don’t tell!

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