Disney Parks around the World

Do you know how many Disney parks there are? I’m pretty sure that if you’ve made it to this blog, you’re just about as Disney obsessed as I am so you’re likely to know that there are more than a couple. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if you Disney addicts have already reeled off the list of Disney parks around the world as well as a number of other resorts too!
Nevertheless, despite the fact that I’ve only been to two of the Disney parks (so far!), I wanted to share some more info on the others with you too as it’s on my theoretical bucket list (one day I’ll do a proper one!) to visit every Disney park (and visit all the National Parks in the US, but that’s a story for another day). If you can’t decide which one to visit next or want to know a bit more info on the different parks, this infographic is super handy:

Comparing Disney parks around the world

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So it’s pretty obvious that I’ve been to WDW more than a few times (I’m actually not definite on the amount – possibly 10?!) if you’ve already read a couple of posts on the blog and that we’ve got a trip planned there next year too. I’ve also been to Disneyland Paris twice, once with friends in 2013, and once with my sister in 2014. I absolutely love both destinations, and each has its own reasons. WDW would always be my first choice over Disneyland Paris, but I love the fact that it’s so much easier and closer to get to DLP. I’ll maybe do a full post on travel there from the north of England at some point, but it’s definitely quicker than getting to Florida and less tiring!

I think my next choice of Disney resort would be Disneyland California in Anaheim – it’s the first Disney park and was built under Walt’s supervision himself, and we all know what a fan I am of the big man! I also love the fact that it’s in America but not an area I’ve ever visited. I’ve been really lucky to have travelled a lot of the US over the years, nearly 20 states (my parents took us on a lot of roadtrips!), but never been to California. I’d want to travel around the area a lot rather than just Disney, but it would be amazing to spend a few days there.

I was about to say “My next choice would be…” but really, I can’t make that decision – I want to visit them all at some point and I can’t choose between the ones left! I’ve never actually been to Asia before, so Disney being in three different locations there would make a very good excuse 😀 One place I’ve always been fascinated with though is Tokyo DisneySea as it seems really different to any of the other parks – while it’s got a few attractions that are the same or similar to ones we know and love (Tower of Terror, Toy Story Mania etc.), there are some very different areas and attractions like Venice.

And I have to add a few more places that aren’t mentioned on the infographic above because they’re not actually Disney parks but are Disney resorts you can visit and that we’ve managed to come across before or I would love to visit! I really really want to do a Disney Cruise sometime – these stop at a few resorts you can visit and a few that are exclusive to the cruise line such as Disney’s Castaway Cay (yes PLEASE!). In fact, that might even be my next option over Disneyland in Anaheim! Many of these resorts outside the main Disney park resort you can wander round or dine in even if you’re not a guest. Here are two we’ve visited over time, but there are lots of others too as part of the Vacation Club:

  • Disney’s Vero Beach Resort – this is only 2 hours from WDW and on Florida’s Treasure Coast. We visited here when we stayed in the area after a week in Disney a few years ago.
  • Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort – we visited this for a wander round last year when we stayed on Hilton Head Island which is just off the coast of South Carolina.

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