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Beth - Disneyland Paris

So my sister is just as much of a Disney addict as me – that’s her there above. When I started up this blog, I had intentions of getting the whole family involved but thought that they probably wouldn’t do – I can barely tie them down to get photos of my outfits for my other blog! But Beth surprised me by reading my Disney Pixar Tag and deciding to answer the questions herself 😀 I’ve got to say, I’m much more impressed by her answers than mine as they’re far more creative – she always was the creative one in the family. So I’m publishing her answers as well now so you can get an introduction to another Disney obsessed family member – here’s to getting more to of them on the blog!

Which character do you adore most?

Wall-E gif

WALL-E’ – He’s such a quirky and cute li’l robot and for a robot who cleans up waste all on his own, he sure has a whole lot of heart!

Which character do you like the least?

P Sherman

‘DR. PHILIP SHERMAN’ (Finding Nemo) – This one may seem like a completely unusual choice because, like my sister, I also kind of like most of the villains! The dentist in Finding Nemo is not so much a villain but a really frustrating reason why Nemo can’t escape the tank and get back to his Dad.

Which character do you relate too most?

walle 2

‘WALL-E’ – Yes, Wall-E again! Like Wall-E, I am someone who is comfortable with spending time on their own. I take interest in discovering unusual things and I’m quite particular about keepings things organized and categorized. I also share his loyalty to those he loves and respects most, which for me would be my family. And pets! I’ll always be there to help them in anyway.

Which sidekick do you wish you had?


 ‘DUG’ (Up) – He’s just so loyal and funny! I mean, who wouldn’t want a talking dog?! I’m pretty sure he’s the kind of dog who’ll always have your back.

Which villain do you like the most?

randall monsters university

‘RANDALL/RANDY BOGGS’ (Monsters Inc./Monsters University) – Yes, I know he’s little creepy, however in the 2nd movie, ‘Monsters University’, he’s kind of a nerd who’s a bit shy and is actually nice to Mike Wazowski at first, just to make a friend. Maybe he’s not all evil, maybe he just needs some good friends. He’s one of those misunderstood villains I think….

Which best friend would you want to hang out with?

rex toy story

‘REX’ (Toy Story 1, 2 & 3) – For one thing he’s very energetic and always has great jokes and puns. But then he’s also a bit of a worrier, like me, so together we could defeat all those fears and worries. I also really like Dinosaurs and doing an impression of a T-Rex!

Where would you want to live?

toy story

‘TOY STORY SUBURBIA’ (Toy Story 1, 2 & 3) – It may seem a bit of an underwhelming choice compared to the many other fabulous landscapes and settings such as the Great Barrier Reef in ‘Finding Nemo’ or Paradise Falls in ‘Up’, however I’ve always had a deep love for the States and the idea of living in a twee, all-American home in a friendly neighbourhood like in ‘Toy Story’ would be pretty awesome!

Which outfit do you wish you owned?

jessie outfit

‘JESSIE’ (Toy Story 2 & 3) – Jessie’s look is obviously very cowgirl and relaxed which is perfect for me because I’m not the dress-wearing type. I feel way more comfortable just wearing t-shirts and jeans!

Which two female characters would be best friends?

bonnie toy story gif  joy inside out

‘BONNIE’ (Toy Story 3) & ‘JOY’ (Inside Out) – I think that Joy would be a great companion for Bonnie because she’d be perfect for keeping Bonnie happy and entertained just like how we see her in ‘Toy Story 3’ playing with her toys and taking care of them. Also, Joy would just light up knowing that she could keep a child happy and have fun with her.

Which two sidekicks would make a good duo?

rex rawr gif toy storydory jellyfish gif

‘REX’ (Toy Story 1, 2, & 3) & ‘DORY’ (Finding Nemo) – I feel like these two would be hilarious together, just because of the endless amount of energy they’d share. They’re also lacking a little in the smart-department, but hey, two heads are better than one! And I’m sure with their enthusiastic passion for life and determination they could achieve anything!

Which two characters do you think would hate each other?

dash incredible gif

roz monsters inc gif

‘DASH’ (The Incredibles) & ‘ROZ’ (Monsters Inc.) – I think this one’s pretty funny actually. Roz, a sour, slug-like creature with zero personality and Dash with his ultra fast speediness and high energy, just wouldn’t work together at all. Dash would probably get on Roz’s nerves a lot!

What scene makes you cry?

arlo gif

‘WHEN ARLO LOSES HIS FATHER IN A FLASH FLOOD’ – I’ve gotta say this movie, as lovely and visually amazing as it was, made me very stressed and on the verge of tears most of the way through it! This scene in particular where you had to watch Arlo, helpless and terrified, watch his father being washed away by a raging river, was truly heartbreaking.

What scene makes you cheer?

wall-e gif

‘WHEN WALL-E REGAINS HIS MEMORY’ – It’s only a short moment of uncertainty, but the idea of Wall-E forgetting everything that he went through with Eva is very sad but luckily he’s brought back around by a spark/kiss thing from Eva and everything’s all better then and the World can continue to re-grow. I just love a happy ending!

Which movie do you love most?

Ok, so this is pretty impossible to answer with just one, so I’ll do the best I can… with a three-way tie between: ‘WALL-E’, ‘UP’ & ‘MONSTERS INC.’

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