Last Weekend in the Lakes

Autumn Lake District Outfit

That kind of sounds like the title of a murder mystery thriller novel, doesn’t it? (Or have I been watching too much Midsomer Murders again?!) In fact, it’s actually a very literal title as this outfit and set of photos were taken last weekend in the Lake District. My family had booked a long weekend at the Langdale Hotel & Spa in one of their self catering apartments housed off the main complex and in one of their lodges, and there was a spare sofa bed that they invited Ben and I to stay on. Due to work, we decided just to do one night there, but it was lovely to get a bit of a break, even if it wasn’t for long! We’ve stayed at the Langdale Hotel a few times before, mostly when Beth and I were a lot younger – they had a great kids’ club type of thing where we did Halloween activities and went Trick or Treating round the complex a couple of times!

Autumn Lake District Outfit

I always think of the Lake District as being very autumnal, so the clothes I wanted to take were very autumn based. As you know from my continual moanings, I’ve been very uninspired and unenthused by fashion and clothing this summer. Nothing has taken my fancy and I don’t want to wear most of the clothes I own. As I predicted, this has started to change as we head into autumn and I’m finding I’m interested in what I’m wearing again. I’ve bought a couple of new staple pieces over the past few weeks that are very autumnal feeling, and I imagine these, along with the outfit here and a few other pieces will be making up a sort of capsule wardrobe for me over autumn.

Autumn Lake District Outfit Autumn Lake District Outfit

Anyway, despite thinking of the Lake District as autumnal, it was actually fairly warm still when we visited – typical! I took a pair of tights to wear for the Sunday (tights and boots for the first time this autumn) with my “autumn uniform” outfit from last year, but with a different top swapped in, and felt like I was finally wearing clothes I felt happy in again, despite the fact that I didn’t really need tights for the weather.

Autumn Lake District Outfit

Unfortunately, the outfit doesn’t capture quite so well on camera as it felt as Mr Reluctant Boyfriend-Photographer (I’m sure there are many more of you who identify with this issue!) didn’t check the camera settings when he turned it on, so the lighting was still set for a dark indoors scene, meaning they’re more than a little blue toned! I’ve played with the colours and whatnot, but there’s only so much I can do! It was a beautiful place to take photos on Sunday morning though – out the front of the lodge their apartment was in with the view down to Elterwater. The apartment itself was gorgeous too – the lodge they stayed in was the Elterwater Hall. It was originally a 19th century country home which has been restored in more modern times. The living areas were traditionally decorated (you can kind of see in my picture below), and the kitchen was a gorgeous new one that was super sleek but still looked right in place – plus it had a cool steam shower in the bathroom too! I could have happily stayed for much longer if I’d have had the chance!

Elterwater Hall Langdale

Outfit Details

Top: Lidl (50p!) | Skirt: Urban Outfitters | Ankle Boots: Next

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