Help! I have a bedding obsession

We got our new bedding on last night – #Christmas sheets from @georgeatasda #bedding #duvet #georgeatasda

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I’ve recently been very focused on making our house look pretty. Amber talked about her struggles with people’s expectations of her home being Pinterest-worthy and the reality of it not being quite so much, and I know exactly how she feels – although I don’t think people expect my house to be Pinterest-worthy, I just really really want it to be so!

My most recent efforts for a Pinterest-worthy home have been making over the downstairs bathroom, and in doing just that, I realised how hard it is to have a whole house that looks like it’s been pulled off the pages of a magazine or taken straight from Pinterest. Our downstairs bathroom is the smallest room in the house and so should be the easiest to decorate – it didn’t need much paint, there aren’t huge amounts of space that need filling with stuff – but what we did do took a couple of months of decisions to actually making them happen.

And Pinterest is my biggest inspiration and downfall. I could spend hours on Pinterest looking at all the pretty homes – from white-washed and minimalist to Bohemian and eclectic. I’m very easily influenced by what I see online (well, anywhere really), so it’s only natural for me that I want my house to look as beautiful as the ones I’m seeing.

And one thing I see lots of on Pinterest is super pretty bedroom spaces. I think most of them adhere to the concept that’s suddenly in the title of every blog post I’m reading and every book Amazon is recommending to me (I haven’t caved…yet): Hygge. Loosely translated, because it’s not really a concept we have, it means “cosiness” in Danish. And it’s the in-thing at the moment because the Danes are apparently the happiest nation, and doesn’t everything hygge just look amazing?!

So anyway, bedroom spaces – I’m getting off track! Bedrooms and interiors, especially for those of us that live in cooler climes, are the perfect place to practise the concept of hygge, because what’s more cosy than a warm, snuggly space than a bedroom, or a living area in front of a fire filled with blankets and candles? So possibly because everyone else is on the same track as me at the moment, hygge bedrooms seem to be my thing and the bedding that I see in all the shops seems to fit this lifestyle exactly. So, of course, I need all of it.

The problem is that, well, we already own a lot of bedding. Like, quite a lot. I know most people tend to have a set and a spare set that they interchange, maybe having a different one for the different seasons. But we have several, and I want more constantly! And the other problem is that Ben is exactly the same. I’ve actually had to turn to him in Dunelm and make him put back the bedding we’ve picked up because we really don’t need any more cosy sheets for the bed. And of course I broke my own rules by buying bedding when I was in Dunelm with my sister the other weekend. It was the same bedding that we’d had in an Airbnb that we’d both fallen in love with, okay? (Excuses, excuses!).
The above bedding is from George at Asda and is the best – it’s fair isle print and brushed cotton, so super cosy! It was from last year but I’ve just discovered they have this similar one in now and, eek, I think we may have to order it!

Does anyone else have this obsession with cosy bedding too?



  1. October 25, 2016 / 4:51 pm

    Girl I feel this, I love bedding so much – it can really transform a room and make your bed look so much cuter! That bedspread in this photo is adorable, so festive <3

    • Sian Thomas
      October 27, 2016 / 8:59 am

      This bedding is from last year but it’s a favourite for when winter comes round – I can only justify it when the weather gets cold 😀 Plus it’s brushed cotton, so is even more cosy!

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