Men’s Outfit of the Day: Hawes & Curtis

Hawes & Curtis shirt review

Every so often, I borrow Ben to get him to review something on the blog – he doesn’t really mind as he likes to show off about the time he got to be in the Chictopia Style Gallery quite a number of years back when I still used to use that. He’s even got his own category on the blog for his posts! The only problem is that I can’t force him to write them himself (he’s not a natural writer), so I end up writing the posts he dictates to me – in fact, he does little dictating. If it was up to him, this post would basically say “Here’s a shirt from Hawes & Curtis” and that would be it!

Nevertheless, it’s still me writing, so you’re going to get a bit more than that! Ben actually reviewed a Hawes & Curtis shirt on the blog once before and really liked it, so he was really pleased to get the opportunity to try out another. Both times we’ve been so impressed by the quality. The shirt turns up in a gorgeous box – packaging makes all the difference to me! – that made it look like a luxury shirt rather than one which would cost less than £50. He chose the Green & Navy Check Classic Fit Oxford Shirt, and like with the packaging, we were both really impressed. I pay a lot more attention to how fabrics feel nowadays and how well things have been put together since I’ve started sewing, and this really is at the top end. The fabric is thick but still breathable and flexible; the quality of stitching and manufacture is high. The inside of the shirt looks just as good as the outside too, with matching facings on the collar and cuffs – just gives that extra impression of quality!

Ben wore this outfit for one of the last evenings of our road trip holiday – I know I haven’t quite got that far with the posts, but you’re getting the outfit now nevertheless! This was an evening near Oxford where the area was fairly smart but not over the top. We actually managed to walk to the pub for this meal and back again, although there was absolutely no lighting in the village afterwards which meant it was almost completely pitch black (phone torches to the rescue – millenials indeed!) and it was quite chilly, being at the very beginning of October. I didn’t actually photograph my outfit, but I was layered up with a coat and scarf, whereas Ben was only in his shirt and jeans. Normally he throws on a jumper, but they’re all started to get a bit threadbare and I’ve been hinted at with some of these knitwear items for a Christmas present. Luckily I’ve got a couple of other things I need from House of Fraser as Christmas gifts (I’m starting early – already got a few presents down!), so he might be in luck.

Unfortunately, the meal that night wasn’t as awesome as Ben’s outfit, but that’s a story for another road trip post – we’re still a few days away from that one and I’ve got several other posts in the meantime actually though. I had a bit of a blogging burst of inspiration so have a few other ideas to share first, but the road trip posts are still rolling 🙂

Hawes & Curtis shirt review

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