Recipe: Chicken Satay Burgers with Spiralized Salad

Chicken Satay Burgers with Spiralized Salad

Kenwood Spiralizer review

Remember how a few months ago we tried HelloFresh for the first time? Well, we’re no longer using HelloFresh and it’s a bit of a long story to do with them taking a couple of payments when our account was paused and subsequently cancelled then them not understanding when we explained and continuing to send boxes anyway, blah blah blah. BUT, we enjoyed the pork satay burgers that we had tried in one of our first ever weeks (in the post linked above) so much that we’ve had it several times again since and I’m now proclaiming it to be my favourite food – this after saying a few months ago that I didn’t even like pork mince!
We recently did a bit of a freezer audit to see what meats we were hoarding in there and discovered a couple of chicken breasts. Of course, chicken breasts can go with basically anything, but I decided I HAD to have the satay sauce in the HelloFresh recipe with them because it’s so good. And I couldn’t possibly have the satay sauce without the brioche bun, and thus, my satay chicken was born.

Kenwood Spiralizer review

Kenwood Spiralizer review

I was sent this Kenwood Spiralizer* from Debenham’s food & drink range recently to try out and review, and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get it out and create a healthy salad out of it. Despite my protestations, Ben decided that we shouldn’t try to spiralize a lettuce (spiralize ALL the things!), but we included some swirly courgette and carrot in our salad.
We’re big fans of spiralizing – mostly because it’s fun – but we used to use an older hand-crank one which was quite a lot of effort, especially if you were just making a really quick stir fry or pasta dish and were replacing the noodles with courgetti. This was SO much easier and quicker – you literally stick your veg in the top, switch the button on and press it down with the guide. There are 2 different sizes you can create with the different cones inside (apparently pappardelle and linguini), so we mixed it up and had one of each with our veg. It’s an awesome way to get a bit more veg into your diet.

Kenwood Spiralizer review

Then to go with our chicken satay burger and multi-veg salad, we made some oven french fries. Usually our pork satay burger has sweet potato wedges with it, but we didn’t have a sweet potato and had some frozen chips, so into the oven they went! We did manage to throw in another veg though with another serving of carrots that we roasted in the oven with the chips.

To be honest, this is so easy to make that you don’t really need a recipe! We battered the chicken breasts a bit flatter then cut in half so they would fit in the brioche bun, marinated them in a mixture of lime zest, soy sauce and peanut butter while we sorted out the salad and started the chips cooking, then cooked the chicken breasts on the grill. The brioche buns also go on the grill for a minute to toast inside. The best bit of all though is the sauce to go with them because it’s SUPER yummy, so I’ll give you the recipe to go with that:

Satay Sauce Recipe

1 tbsp peanut butter (chunky or smooth)
Juice of 1/2 lime
1 tbsp water
1 tbsp soy sauce
Handful of chopped coriander

And the method is simple as can be, mix all the ingredients together with a fork! It does take a little while for them to come together because it looks like the peanut butter is trying to stay separate from the soy and lime juice, but it will mix in eventually, I promise. And it makes the BEST satay sauce I’ve ever had, so definitely try it.

You then just spread that inside your brioche bun, load it up with the chicken and salad, serve with some more salad and chips (or sweet potato wedges etc.) and enjoy!

Chicken Satay Burgers with Spiralized Salad

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