This Is Halloween

Halloween costume 2016 rebel angel

Happy Halloween! Are you celebrating the holiday? This year, my sister decided she wanted to throw a mini-Halloween party for our little cousins, so we invited them round on Saturday evening and got ourselves all dressed up to party!
There are a lot of crazy Halloween costumes out there, and most of these are super expensive and really cheaply made. I decided to go for a fairly cheap dress off ASOS (that I’ll be wearing at work today too!) that was Halloween-inspired and a little bit scary without being too costumey, but also wasn’t too over the top so that I could wear it to work on the actual day of Halloween. My sister on the other decided to go all-out DIY on her costume – can you guess what it is?!

Halloween costume 2016 rebel angel

Halloween costume 2016 rebel angel

She had a lot of people stumped with it, but I surprised everyone by figuring it out straight away – “Cereal” Killer!! She decided on the cat make up though so as not to confuse or scare our little cousins too much!

I, on the other hand, decided to go a bit crazier with the make up. Beth had a lot of face paint left over from previous years, so I Googled Halloween make up and picked a favourite – Maleficent-inspired! It was hilarious at first when I’d only applied the green and it was a lot darker than I’d planned, so I looked like a cross between the Incredible Hulk and a Toad! The black eyebrows and hairline plus the purple eyes fortunately saved it a little bit! It’s possibly more Wicked-inspired than Maleficent, but never mind 😀

Halloween make up Maleficent Wicked 2016

I think I still need a bit more practice on this, but not too bad for a first go!

Our party went well in the end. We watched some Halloween clips on a giant screen my dad erected in the drive with a projector out the back of his pick-up, then we had a tea of hot dogs, jacket potatoes and sausages followed up with “snot” jelly with Halloween sweets inside, banoffee pie, bat and Frankenstein biscuits. We then played a few Halloween games (plus a few others that we do at Brownies) and did a Halloween drawing “competition” – not much of a competition when there are technically only 2 kids, but Beth and I drew some pictures too! And here are a few more pics of the evening:

Halloween costume 2016 rebel angel Halloween costume 2016 rebel angel Halloween costume 2016 rebel angel Halloween costume 2016 rebel angel

Have you celebrated Halloween or are you doing anything tonight?


  1. Lynsey
    October 31, 2016 / 9:31 pm

    You look fab! It gave me a big smile 🙂 I’m not dressing up but being the lady with the sweets for the little trick or treaters (although some that just knocked I’m sure we’re adults!). Happy Halloween

    • Sian Thomas
      November 2, 2016 / 5:11 pm

      My Monday night was spent being the lady with the sweets! We didn’t get many trick or treaters in the end though!

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