Blogging: What is a lifestyle blog?

That sounds like a philosophical or scientific question, doesn’t it?

Q: “What is a lifestyle blog?” 
A: “The commonly observed lifestyle blog incorporates aspects of the author’s life; media created and published around what they do every day.”

But seriously, I’ve thought about this quite a lot recently, partly because as part of my job, when I find blogs to add to our potential outreach lists, I have to tag them with relevant tags and “lifestyle” is the one I most frequently pick out from a list of many.
I tend to classify Rebel Angel nowadays as a lifestyle blog. I think it started out as a lifestyle blog with a fashion twist, then evolved into more of a fashion and personal style blog, and now I’m swinging back towards more lifestyle again. So the question is:

What is a lifestyle blog

What is a lifestyle blog?

To me, a lifestyle blog is one that doesn’t focus on one single niche – my other blogs, Big Cup Little Cup and Disney Days, focus on lingerie and Disney solely, whereas Rebel Angel is a bit of everything I like and do every day. The question I often pose myself is, why did I need to start two separate blogs for lingerie and Disney when I already own a lifestyle blog that I can, and have previously, worked these topics into?
I’ve mentioned recently how I have a lot of interests and passions in my life, how I like to do lots of different things. If I could, I would start new blogs about every single one of those things (yoga, sewing, Brownies etc.), but I’m not an expert in the vast majority of them – and I wouldn’t have time to even do those things if I had to write about them all on separate blogs too! I’d like to think though that I’m veering more towards expert (or at least very passionate individual) on the topics of lingerie and Disney, whereas the other things I like, such as fashion, yoga and home interiors, I’m not so expert in. In fact, I’m not really expert at all in these – for fashion, I wear clothes I like; I’m only just starting to learn yoga, even after 6 months of near daily yoga, I still think of myself as a beginner; and home interiors…well, I have a house that I’m putting things in.

For me, because I’m not experienced or an expert in these topics and don’t feel I’m qualified to run a whole blog, but I enjoy writing about them and they’re a part of my life. And that’s what my lifestyle blog is for – writing about topics I enjoy but don’t have an in depth knowledge about.

Lifestyle blogs have a huge and broad range of content going onto them because, well, everyone’s life and interests are different, which is what makes it a fairly difficult niche as it can be quite over-saturated. Many bloggers, like me, have evolved into lifestyle blogging as they’ve grown up with blogging. When I started blogging, I was 19, at uni and really interested in clothes. Now I’m 26 and not quite so interested in clothes, but I’ve left uni, started a career, bought a house, and so on. Blogging sprung up and took off during the time I was blogging, so those bloggers are growing and evolving in the same way I am – buying houses, starting families etc. And their blogs are growing with them, hence the large pool of lifestyle bloggers out there nowadays.

I’m planning a couple more posts on lifestyle blogging over the next few weeks, so keep your eyes open for those including: how to start a lifestyle blog and why you should start a lifestyle blog. Coming soon to a screen near you!

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  1. Lynsey
    October 28, 2016 / 9:14 am

    Very interesting, I like seeing a range of things although sewing is my passion, I am just starting to try Yoga and I love seeing tips, recommendations and ideas about anything.

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