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I love a bargain, so am really looking forward to Black Friday – I’ve been planning this year’s Black Friday lingerie post at BCLC for weeks already! For people who love to shop it is a great chance to save some cash, and get an early start on buying Christmas gifts. I tend to buy presents for my younger cousins in the Amazon Black Friday deals (sshhh!) and I quite often pick up stuff for myself too!

However, to take full advantage of the opportunity you have to be organised. It is wise to put together a list of what you want to buy. That way you can navigate the shops, or websites, fast and get to the best bargains before the retailers sell out.

Some inspiration

To inspire you, and get you started, I have put together some gift ideas for 2016. Today, I am focusing on giving clothing as presents.


Everyone loves clothes. Regardless of how old we are, or who we are, clothes are essential. As a result, they make the perfect gift. Naturally, you need to bear in mind the tastes of the people you are giving to, and make sure that you give them things that they will like and want to wear.

When giving clothes, it is wise to keep the receipt and make it clear that you will not be offended if they want to swap what you buy for something else. Whether you do this or not is up to you, but doing so is a nice gesture.


Include knitwear on your list. This always makes a good winter gift. Most people wear jumpers under their coats during the colder months. Hats and scarves make great small gifts, so they are ideal for giving as stocking fillers.


Socks and underwear make great small presents. Most people hate shopping for these items (not me, but I’m always very happy to accept gifts of them too ;D), so they are always welcome.


Nightwear also works well. A lot of people like to get home have a shower and changes into their pyjamas before they sit down to watch TV, play games or read, so they get a lot of use. Right now, there are some very stylish men’s pyjamas available and a good choice for women too. Dressing gowns and snuggle blankets are also welcome by most people.

Expensive items of clothing

If you really want to treat someone, buy him or her one of the more expensive items of clothing. For example, a good winter coat or a high quality suit. Someone on a tight budget is not likely to be able to afford to buy something like this. Therefore, for them, a gift like that would be ideal.

Sport and hobby clothing

This one is a huge source of inspiration. More and more people are becoming interested in sport. Even if you know someone does not play, or participate, they, in all likelihood, are still a fan.
For those who take part buying them kit works well. Yoga clothes, a new pair of football boots or a set of joggers are just a few ideas.
If you know someone who enjoys a hobby like cooking buying them a new pinny would go down well. For a DIY fanatic a good pair of overalls would make a practical present.

If you have more ideas, please let me know!

PS: The cacti (cactuses?!) are entirely irrelevant to this post – they just look pretty!

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