Word of the Week: Hygge

Shepherd's Hut - Airbnb

I’m not actually starting a word of the week, promise! Or at least, I had no plans to until right now…This is somewhat more of a sarcastic everyone’s-been-talking-about-it thing, because every second blog post I’ve come across this week (and I come across a lot of blog posts, it’s my job – awesome, I know!) has been about Hygge. And then, of course, I’ve talked about Hygge. And then, I mean I’ve already given the game away, I bought these two books:

Hygge books
The Little Book of Hygge and How to Hygge

In my defence, I only had to buy one because I needed to add more things to my Amazon basket to get an add-on item on Prime and it just kept being suggested to me on every page, so, fine, I caved and bought it! Then the other was an accident…I swear! I actually hadn’t even realised I’d ordered it until it turned up at work on the day it was published – am I sleep-shopping??

Anyway, my Pinterest House & Home board is just about the definition of Hygge, although I’d say my Winter & Autumn inspiration boards aren’t too far behind. I hadn’t even realised when I started building those boards that they were Hygge, because I didn’t know it was a thing, but it turns out that it is most definitely my thing.

So I thought I’d do a bit of a Hygge moodboard/wishlist (and we all know that most of these will end up in my house at some point now, groan!). The main things in my eyes in having a Hygge home and life are:

Knitted Items


Blankets, cushions, and throws everywhere with cosy knitted socks and jumpers. How ridiculously chunky is that blanket?! I need it! And I may or may not already own that cushion in grey…

Comfortable places to relax

Hygge 2

Cozy chairs (the above “Sherlock” chair from Next has been one I’ve wanted since moving into this house – I’m still planning to purchase it one day! Look, it even has our lamp in the background too – it’s a sign!), a comfortable mattress like this from Fishpools and bedding, rugs on the floor by the fire (or the electric fire if your house is a new build like ours without a chimney!), and a cozy sofa (in grey, of course – see below!). We actually have this very sofa on the way at the moment as we came across it in one of our Airbnbs and it was SO comfortable we had to buy one!


Hygge lighting

I’m obsessed with lighting. Send me to an interiors website and I’ll click straight through to the lighting before anywhere else. It’s bad – we have so many lamps! The Next one was under a section called “Hibernate”, so I guess that kind of sums up Hygge really!

Stags & woodland

Dunelm woodland collection Dunelm woodland collection Dunelm woodland collection

I guess this ties in with the autumn addiction that you see across blogs, as we bloggers seem to love anything that’s burnt leaf coloured, anything you’d find in the woodland. Stags, acorns & owls are perfect for this theme, and owls allow me to go all out Brownie leader at home! All of the above are from Dunelm and live in our house – we had a bit of an issue when the “woodland” themed email came round and we had to buy, well, everything… Here’s the acorn door stop, owl ornament and the stag print. Ignore the fact that both the owl and stag have slightly wonky eyes, sshhh, they’re sensitive!

Candles and scents

Hygge Candles & Decor Hygge Candles & Decor

We’ve always been addicted to reed diffusers and candles, but even more so during the winter months. We stocked up on enough Yankee Candles to last a lifetime when we visited their factory, but I’ve also been loving these candles and reed diffusers I was sent from Rooi (keep your eyes peeled as I’ll be featuring more in my downstairs bathroom update soon!) – the one pictured above is the Paddywax Ginger Peach one and smells lovely. It’s slightly sweet (always a favourite for me!) with a sharpness and hint of spice behind it from the ginger. The other candle we bought at Rick Stein’s restaurant and is super fresh smelling – I’m saving this for summer. Then also note in the background the gorgeous loaf dish my friend Rosie bought me for my birthday – I guess it’s very Hygge too in that you can bake yummy food in it (see below) and the design is so pretty and “cosy”, if an item of cookware can be cozy!

Yummy food

And yes, of course, comfort food! Pastries are one of the top ones I’ve seen listed (croissants, yum!) along with coffee (sorry, but I just don’t like it!). At the moment, Whittard’s Hot Chocolate and Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate are like the best things ever, plus their Turkish Apple Tea which is a lot better for my IBS prone stomach at the moment than creamy, chocolatey things! And also another present from another friend, Fran, for my birthday: this super pretty mug – “mug” doesn’t sound like right word for it as it’s so gorgeous though, and it’s bigger than a teacup! Also note my super awesome Matalan pyjamas – if they’re not Hygge clothes, I don’t know what is!

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