Alternative Christmas “Jumper” Wishlist

It’s Christmas Jumper Day on Friday – yay! We’ve done this day at work twice now (take a look at my Christmas jumper festive look in 2014 here), and this year we’re celebrating again with our festive wear. Last year, I wanted to be slightly different so I went for a Frozen Christmas jumper that Charley had bought me the year before over the top of a festive Alpine scene on a Lindy Bop dress – that was an interesting outfit, especially when it turned out my Secret Santa gift that year was a bobble hat which I wore for the rest of the day with it!

This year, I actually bought my Christmas Jumper from Lidl of all places! I’d been wanting one that was cute, a little bit festive and not too over the top (unlike the one I’ve bought for Ben which has flashing lights all over from F&F!). I am however kiiiind of craving alternative festive wear again, so I thought I’d make a list of my favourite alternatives to the “standard” festive Christmas jumper, just in case you wanted to stand out from the crowd a little bit with your decision this year! I’m not going to stick traditionally to jumpers as there are so many options out there, so enjoy!

Alternative Christmas Jumpers

1. Boohoo via ASOS Two Person Jumper | 2. Lindy Bop Vivi Central Park Swing Dress | 3. Walkers in a Winter Wonderland Jumper

First up, how awesome is the two person Christmas jumper?! I would seriously consider buying this for Ben if he wouldn’t kill me for wasting money on it when we’re saving for a new en suite! Then there’s the Lindy Bop dress which I just want anyway because it’s super pretty and because I’ve recently not bought anything that’s on the “novelty” print side – this is a bit more of a classic novelty item too if that makes any sense whatsoever! The Walkers in a Winter Wonderland jumper is brilliant too for anyone who’s into that. I’m personally not, but I know half of my work colleagues and my sister are!

Alternative Christmas Jumpers

1. Tis the Season to Belieb Christmas Jumper | 2. Zalando Elf Jumper | 3. Adalene Alpine Swing Skirt | 4. Bump’s First Christmas Jumper Dress

Apparently Boohoo are killing it this Christmas for alternative Christmas jumpers as my first and last above are both from there! A little alternative, but not crazy out there, as is the second one from Zalando – a cute take on the Christmas jumper, plus they have some awesome deals right now. And of course, my final pick is another Lindy Bop option – I actually owned this skirt for a little bit when they sent it by accident instead of my dress, but I really didn’t like the shape of it on me (the dress is much more flattering!) so it departed, but that’s not to say it wouldn’t be the perfect alternative Christmas “jumper” for someone else!


  1. December 12, 2016 / 4:22 pm

    Definitely get the Lindy Bop dress, it’s so pretty!

    • Sian Thomas
      December 13, 2016 / 11:14 am

      You are always such a bad influence on my purchases XD It’s on my Christmas list!

    • Sian Thomas
      December 13, 2016 / 9:48 am

      It’s hilarious!! I’d love to see people wearing it in real life 😀

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