Lifestyle: Decor Essentials For A Personal, Comfortable And Luxurious Bedroom Space

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You do not want leave even a single nick and corner of your room unattended when you consider a re-décor for your personal sanctuary. You want the best of design and quality to make a dreamy bedroom. We all know that I have a slight obsession with bedding, and in general I’m loving working on the interiors in my house at the moment. So here are:

10 essentials to make your bedroom a luxurious space

At furniture Black Friday sales, you can allow yourself to spend on these luxurious items at a very affordable price which otherwise would have cost you much more. So, let’s see what steps are the essentials to make your dream bedroom:

1. A bedroom theme

• This is the first step to plan a bedroom re-decor.
• Choose a decorative theme, may be a cottage theme for adults or a princess theme for kids.
• Remember that your future shopping will be based on this theme.

2. Bed and dresser style

• The size, shape and style of the bed comes next:
• Depending upon your requirement, do not forget to check the size and style of your bed and dressers.
• You might need additional storage space in your bed, so choose accordingly.

3. Room around the bed

• You need to consider what, if any, space will be left around the bed for moving around, storage or seating, especially if the bedroom is somewhere you spend a lot of time.
• A small table with 2 wooden chairs might be all that you need for those midnight conversations.

4. Buying a great mattress

• A perfect mattress provides quality and uninterrupted sleep (read about ours here).
• Do not compromise on the worth of the mattress along with the size, shape and height of the mattress required.

5. Night stands

• It adds to your individual style and comfort a bedroom provides.
• Night stands not only make your bedroom look beautiful but also add to the comfort you need after a hard day at work.

6. Cushy Rug

• When you wake in the morning after a beautiful sleep, the worst is to put your feet on a cold floor.
• Buy a comfortable rug to layer around the bed to avoid the discomfort of a cold morning floor. I’ve never massively liked them before, but at the moment I’m really wanting one of these – Christmas present?!

7. Pillows

• Number and size of pillows comes next. I am SO fussy about pillows – I like them really firm and can’t find one hard enough at the moment!
• You can choose to have a couple of comfortable pillows with decorative cushions for a more casual look.

8. Photographs

• Avoid family photographs in your bedroom.
• Instead place elegant artwork that provides a calming effect to the entire decor.

9. Other technological elements

• Television, music systems and other technological elements are a big debate in the bedroom – we currently have a TV in there (it was for I’m a Celebrity only!) but we always have a laptop too. I keep my phone out of the bedroom at all times though.

10. Wall paint

• Choosing a wall paint to match your theme is really important but can be difficult!
• You can choose from metallic to matte to designer paints, but it’s best to go with something calming.

Important factors to consider as you decide your bedroom furniture

No matter what design you choose or what your space requirements, these factors must not be neglected while choosing the most important furniture pieces of your bedroom:
• The bed frame is the most important piece of furniture that will take up the maximum space in any bedroom.
• Choose a bed size that fits well and does not clutter the room space.
• Final decision should be of the material of the bed; wood is generally the most preferred.
• Quality of a mattress is of utmost important for uninterrupted sleep: check for support and comfort as it is essential for your health and fitness.
• The storage space requirement will decide the dresser style you purchase; it should bind all other aspects of your room together.
• You can choose from a night lamp, to alarm clocks or a vase to make a beautiful night stand, make sure you buy 2 such pieces that can complement both sides of the bed.

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