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Let It Snow Christmas Jumper outfit

Did everyone have a good Christmas? I definitely did! Christmas can be really stressful, but I just can’t help but enjoy it. I’ve been super lucky to have the whole time from Friday 23rd to Tuesday 3rd off work, which means that I’ve got plenty of time to catch up on stuff I’ve been wanting to do for a long time (lots of blog posts!) and to rest. Although Ben had a cold right over Christmas and has managed to pass it on to my family and me so I’m now suffering a bit – at least I’m suffering at home in my pyjamas though rather than at my desk!

I decided I should try and at least get one set of festive outfit photos, since they’re always fun! Since I had the Friday before Christmas Eve off work and I was spending much of the day wrapping the final presents, I wanted to look super festive but also feel like I was wearing pyjamas, so I took the opportunity to wear my Christmas jumper again and to throw on a cosy old knitted Primark skirt. I bought this skirt back in 2011 when I was at uni and visiting Primark at least once a week (oops!) and it only ever comes out at this time of year. To be honest, it’s quite difficult to wear as it sits quite low on my hips and has a wide foldover waistband which only makes my hips look bigger, but it’s so comfortable that sometimes I just don’t care!

I’m a big fan of the now iconic Christmas jumper! We now do a Christmas jumper day at work every year and it tends to coincide with our Secret Santa day. This year was no different, but I also did a presentation on a success story by our team to the whole company (only 16 of us, but still!), so I decided I needed a new Christmas jumper to add to my collection. I didn’t want to spend a lot but wanted one that quite simple, so when I spotted this one in Lidl for only £7.99 with sequins included, I was all set to go!
The jumper made several outings in the run up to Christmas and over the festive period too, so I definitely got my money’s worth for it. Plus it’ll be perfect for next year.

Let It Snow Christmas Jumper outfit Let It Snow Christmas Jumper outfit

(Spot the Charlie cat photobombing!)

Christmas itself was lovely! We had the usual big family party at my parents’ house this year with over 20 people and a big buffet. My grandparents brought over a couple of boxes absolutely brimming with jewellery from an elderly relative’s house who has recently gone into a home and let me, my sister, mum, cousins and aunts loose on them! She liked to collect things cheaply from car boot sales and sell them on, but was hoarding a huge amount of stuff. There were some gorgeous pieces in there including all sorts of vintage and antique ones, and I picked out several I liked, so keep an eye out for those appearing on the blog soon!

Ben and I stayed over at my parents’ that evening, woke up and opened some presents with them (I got a full size keyboard! I played piano throughout my school years and always gravitate towards the one at their house when we visit so my dad decided to get me one of my own for my house 😀 Also Disney on Ice tickets from the parents, lots of chocolate, a hamper of Belazu goodies from Ben and more!). Mid-morning, we headed to Ben’s parents house where his family (including grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousin) gathered for Christmas dinner. I usually go over in the afternoon after Christmas dinner to open presents with them and see them, but this was the first year I was away from home for my Christmas dinner – it was a bit scary (not because of Ben’s family as I know them all really well!) but because I was leaving my family without me! – but I had a really lovely time. We crowded 12 of us around their table and I had goose for the first time which I loved.
We then went back to my parents’ in the evening to stay there. One set of my grandparents had spent the day with them, so we played a couple of games in the evening and opened more presents (it’s madness!) before watching a film (Ghostbusters!) and going to bed.

Boxing Day was also a busy day, but we managed a bit of a break in the middle of it. We went home to see the cats and sort all our stuff out then in the evening went over to my other grandparents where we met my family and another set of uncle, aunt and cousins – again, lots more fun and games ensued and even more yummy food!

And my final Christmas activities were yesterday when I visited my friend and her little girl to swap Christmas presents where I met another friend in the morning, then headed into Helmsley (not far from where I live) to meet 2 more friends (one who I don’t see very often anymore) for lunch. Lots of excited wedding discussion, playing with my god daughter and good food again!

So overall, a pretty awesome Christmas I’d say! How was yours?

Outfit Details

Christmas Jumper: Lidl | Knitted Skirt: Primark (old!) | Sparkly Silver Shoes: Primark

Let It Snow Christmas Jumper outfit

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  1. Lynsey
    December 28, 2016 / 11:53 pm

    Super outfit, the jumper looks fab with the cute shirt (I’m a big Lidl fan too) my Christmas was also good, I have done some chilling and feel much better for it, my children are teenagers now so I do miss the innocent magicalness of it all, saw lots of family and ate far too much! I don’t start work until next week either so hoping to do a bit of sewing over the next few days which will be lovely.

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