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Lifestyle: Which Body Parts of an Athlete Are Highly Impacted By Sleep?

Hands free yoga poses

To deliver the right performance and to maintain an athletic body, it is very important to get the right nutrition, right rest and right exercise. This helps one in reaching their peak performance. To get quality sleep, choosing the right mattress is one of the very important decisions to take in life. The quantity and quality of sleep you take can make you either a winner or a loser in a game.

Enhanced reaction times

When you don’t get proper sleep, there is a possibility of the reduction in reaction time in an athlete. When you miss a fraction of a second, it can have a huge impact on the overall decision of a game. It can lead to a low fatigue level that adversely impacts your reaction times.

Athletes who are awake for twenty-four hours without any break feel drowsy and sleepy throughout the day. This reduces their efficiency and impairs motor and cognitive performance significantly. The results are similar to a person who is drunk or intoxicated by consuming alcohol over prescribed levels.

Your mattress is one of the most important ways that contribute towards the quality of your sleep. Brands like Amerisleep.com offer premium quality and the most comfortable mattress that supports your entire body. A person gets the best relaxation so that they wake up fresh and recharged to face any challenge enthusiastically.

Lesser injuries

A person who is a sportsman very well knows how critical it is to get inflicted by an injury. An injury can prove to be very damaging for their career. It can put them to rest for a few days to months and can result in an interruption in their career – I’ve recently had a repetitive strain injury in my wrist which has stopped me from doing yoga for a few days, and I’m now doing hands free yoga until I’ve got the strength back up in my wrist.

With reduced amount of sleep, the chances of a person getting injuries while playing increases considerably. Lack of attentiveness, tiredness, focus and concentration can be the primary reasons behind getting injuries.

When an athlete has not taken a required amount of sleep, then it makes them slow to react and to strike a target. Due to the development of fatigue, the immunity power of a person is severely affected that makes players more prone to illness. Short sleep duration does not provide the body with sufficient amount of time to repair recover and regenerate body cells.

More precision and quick sprint times

Sleep is very critical to the physiological, cognitive and biochemical restoration of the body. People who sleep for sufficient duration see a faster sprint and shooting precision. These two were the significant benefits that helped athletes such as swimmers, tennis players, weightlifters, etc. to reach highest athletic performance.

A person shows better judgment power motivation levels, ability to beat stress and play under pressure, memory, focus, and learning abilities. The reasoning power and analytical abilities of a person get improved and mental fear and inhibitions are reduced to a significant level.

A good sleep improves reaction time, concentration, skill and energy levels, which are very important for a sportsman. Thus, selection of a right mattress is so critical in improving one’s athletic performance.

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