11 Ideas for New Year’s Resolutions

11 Ideas for New Year's Resolutions

This year so far seems to have been an absolute explosion of New Year’s resolutions – I swear I’ve seen more this year than I ever have done before! It’s all about the goals and plans for this year, and I’ve definitely contributed to that in my resolutions for 2017 post at the end of last year and my more recent blogging goals post.

But what if you’re still floundering and haven’t got any ideas for what you can do in 2017 as a New Year’s resolution? I’ve got plenty of ideas myself, so I thought I’d share a few with you:

1. Learn a new skill

My favourite one! Last year, I resolved to learn to knit – I did so, but not very successfully as I learned then didn’t pick it up again! You could try learning to sew, how to play an instrument, a new language, how to dance…the list goes on.

2. Get fit

The obvious! But how about trying it in a new way? Ben told me his goal for the year was simply: “Eat less, move more.” It’s not very specific (and so I’d have trouble with it as I tend to need numbers and deadlines!) but it doesn’t tie you into something you feel pressured by. Moving more could be as simple as increasing the number of steps you do a day (I keep track with a Fitbit, or at least, when I remember to wear it!), doing yoga, joining a gym (and keeping up with it) or just walking on your lunch break.

3. Give up a bad habit

We’ve all got bad habits of some sort – one of mine is just chucking my clothes onto the floor when I’m done wearing them and leaving them there, this is one I’m working on right now. Maybe start by giving up alcohol for Dry January or swapping your cigarettes for Vape start kits and go from there.

4. Cross something off the bucket list

Get a tattoo, go sky diving, travel to Australia, get a cat…it doesn’t matter what it is, but pick one of your bucket list dream items and cross it off this year.

5. Explore your local area

We all want to travel more, but have you really explored your own area? I grew up in North Yorkshire with York as my local city, but when I recently read a blog post on things to do in York, I realised there were loads of things I hadn’t seen or done there. I’m sure you’ll have similar things around you too, so pretend you’re a tourist and make a list of 12 things you can do within an hour of your house then do one per month.

6. Start a positivity journal

This is something we were recommended in our workshop with work – write down 3 things that you’re grateful for every day and you’ll soon realise how much good there is in every day. NRS Healthcare are also running a social campaign called #StayHappy2017 which has some similar ideas to this!

7. Set some blog goals

If you’re a blogger, put some numbers on what you want to achieve this year. Choose your top 3 to work on, whether that’s Instagram, Twitter or Facebook followers, pageviews or unique users, put a goal number on it (and make it difficult – give yourself something to work towards!) then figure out how you’re going to do it.

8. Volunteer your time

Do something for someone else this year! I’m a Brownie leader so I’m always going to suggest Girlguiding (or Scouts if you prefer) as a way to volunteer as we’re always in need, but you could also check out if a local charity shop or food bank could do with your help or help to organise an event.

9. Read more

I’ve had a Goodreads challenge every year since 2013 – last year I read 54 books, and this year I’m aiming for 52 (I’m anticipating a busy year and 54 was almost a struggle last year!), so I challenge you to do the same! Sign up at Goodreads if you’d like, or set aside so many books on your shelf for the year.

10. Get organised

I just got a new (super awesome) planner so this is on my mind right now, but get your life in order! Use a planner if it works for you, or anything else that will keep you organised – try the KonMari method of decluttering, folding and living, try bullet journalling, try whatever works.

11. Switch off

Take some time off, detox from your phone, your tablet, your computer…the internet. We’re always so plugged in, we need a bit of a digital detox every now and then.

Have you set any resolutions for the year? Do you have any other suggestions?

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