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So after my New Year flurry of blogging, I’ve been forced to take a bit of a break over the past few days and the amount of written content will be a bit lower than usual thanks to my repetitive strain injury that’s reappeared over the last few days, booo! Nevertheless, I still have a million ideas flying around in my head so I wanted to get some down on paper (/on screen), including some of my favourite homewares out there that I’ve been lusting over recently.

To be honest, house and home stuff has probably taken over my love of clothes at the moment. Despite the Style Challenge, I’m still not entirely sure what I want to wear at the moment, although I am feeling quite a lot more positive about my wardrobe and am getting rid of, yes, even more clothes to charity again! But instead of repurchasing to fill those gaps immediately, I’m more willing to spend my money on the house at the moment. I feel like we’ve got certain areas of it down – my living room feels Pinterest-worthy at times and our dining room is almost there too, just needing to find the time to sew a cover for some foam for a new bench we bought recently from JYSK (I really didn’t like their stuff till recently, but I love this bench!) and we need to swap the curtains as ours were to match the decor in the old house and don’t really fit this one. We did actually buy some more but someone (naming no names, but it wasn’t me, I swear!) didn’t measure and guessed at the length while we were in store – nope, about 3 foot too short!

We’ve got a new bathroom on order right now, arriving and being installed within the next month (SO excited!), the downstairs toilet is just awaiting a new tiling splashback before I’ll call it finished (and then I’ll post about it!) and my sewing room is awaiting wallpapering. But it’s mostly the little bits and pieces I’m loving, and I’m thinking kitchen and dining right now, especially since there’s very little we can do in the kitchen to update it without knocking down walls and splashing out loads of money – take a look:


I found a lot of these items on a site that’s new-to-me called LionsHome. I came across this article on cocktails then ended up in the cocktail accessories category and got lost there in all the gorgeous things they had in one place! As I’ve said before, while I’m not a big fan of drinking or alcohol in general (many reasons!), I like the occasional cocktail or mocktail – yes, I’ll often sit at home with a mocktail made up of various different fruit juices pretending I’m super sophisticated! But we have a mini “bar area” in our dining room at the moment that is also merged with our coffee bar area – I actually don’t like coffee either (Ben does, don’t worry, it’s not all for show!) but I think the bottles, glasses, cocktail shakers and fairy lights draped all around them look really pretty, so I don’t begrudge it at all ;D

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So I know flooring isn’t exactly a “little thing”, but I mean that in comparison to whole new kitchen units! The flooring in our kitchen is one we’ve been wanting to replace since the moment we moved in (it’s black, fake tiling, thin lino and is damaged by the door in one area) and I love these cushioned wood flooring looks. We’re going for something similar in our bathroom, so keep your eyes peeled! The bamboo dish rack and bread bin aren’t at all necessary as we already have things with this function, but they’re pretty. Also the mug – I have far too many mugs but the Hairy Bikers use some similar (/the same?!) ones in their latest Comfort Food series and every time I see them, I fall in love. The potato sack is, again, slightly unnecessary but is a cute way to store potatoes, although I can’t help but think about how you’d be paying for what is essentially a stylized version of the original cheap sack! And finally, this rug has been following me round the internet for weeks based on my search history from when I saw it before Christmas – I used to not really like the shaggy rug style, but recently I’ve really taken a liking to it, and mustard yellow? Yes please!
What’s on your house and home wishlist right now?

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