January Style Challenge: Day 2

January Style Challenge - Fox jumper, scarf & jeans

I did say that some of my Style Challenge photos wouldn’t be of brilliant quality! And don’t worry, Ben and I have had words about how he needs to not rush when he’s taking photos for me so that I get actual usable ones ;D But at least I managed to get some sort of picture to prove I managed to do 2 days in a row of taking outfit photos for the first time in forever (oh great, I’ll be singing that all day now!). Check out my first day here.

I got this scarf as a Christmas present from my parents – it was an unexpected expected one, if that makes sense?! In early December, I went to the NSPCC Christmas fair at Duncombe Park in Helmsley with my mum and sister – we actually went to the preview launch evening as we’d been given tickets to that, so we got to wander the rooms of the house, all decorated in festive lights and decorations and filled with Christmas stalls in the evening with a glass of champagne. Anyway, my mum hinted to me that I should let her know if there was anything I really liked, so in return I dropped some very heavy hints when I spotted this mustard knitted scarf on one of the stalls, and I opened a squishy present (the best kind!) to discover it inside on Christmas day! It apparently actually was a bit of a faff to get hold of it as my mum phoned up the company to buy it the day after, but this scarf was the only one left and was still on the stall in the fair, but unfortunately there was no phone signal up at Duncombe Park so they couldn’t ask them to reserve it for her and she would have had to buy a ticket to go back in just to buy it. In the end, they had to wait until the end of the day to see if it had sold, which luckily it hadn’t, and they could get it for her – a lot of effort just for me, but I’m so glad it hadn’t sold as I love it! Mustard and burgundy are my favourite colours for autumn and winter so it fits into the wardrobe well!

The jumper is from Hobbs and was a spur of the moment purchase in York’s Designer Outlet – it was reduced then reduced again in the Boxing Day sales last year, but has had lots of wear the past two winters. I really like the fit of it and the fact that it’s a basic jumper but a bit quirky with the fox. As you know, I’ve pared down my wardrobe recently but I’m also trying to pare down on beauty products and general stuff in the house too. Over time, I’ve acquired lots of beauty samples, bathroom Christmas gifts, that sort of stuff, but then only ever used my usual stuff. So at the moment, I’m trying to go through what I have before buying more of them, and while going through them, I’m discovered new things I like which is awesome (I think I should probably blog about these at some point!), so I’m thinking I might continue exploring samples of different products to see if I can find new ones I like – sites like http://gratisfaction.co.uk seem to be good for things like that.

And finally, the jeans are my favourites nowadays – they’re Levis, also from the Designer Outlet at York, are an awesome fit and are very comfortable. The only problem is that they’re slightly lower waisted than I like to wear but I’m planning to check out some Levi outlets when we go to Florida to find a pair with a similar fit but higher rise in the waist – they’re so much cheaper in America than they are here, so I’m hoping to get a good deal.

The boots are also a staple in my wardrobe that I, almost literally, wear every day – they’re my go-to shoes that I grab as I go out the door and seem to go with anything. I’ve worn them recently on the blog also with jeans here and with a skater dress here.

Outfit Details

Jumper: Hobbs | Jeans: Levis | Ankle Boots: Dorothy Perkins via House of Fraser*


  1. Lynsey
    January 3, 2017 / 8:45 am

    Foxy lady!! I need some more jeans with a higher waist as I think they’re more flattering. Your scarf is gorgeous, what a lovely mummy!

    • Sian Thomas
      January 3, 2017 / 4:38 pm

      I love high waist jeans, so much more comfortable!

  2. January 4, 2017 / 12:01 pm

    Lovely jumper. You look cute too 🙂

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