Winter Florals & Heels: January Style Challenge Day 5

Floral dress and strappy heels in winter outfit Floral dress and strappy heels in winter outfit

When I bought these shoes, I had to persuade Ben that I would wear them – you know, not like the other bazillion pairs of shoes I’ve bought that I wear once or twice then they sit in a cupboard for a few years then go away to charity. I’ve been trying to be better with my clothes recently and the only frivolous shoe purchases I’ve had recently were the shoes I bought for my work Christmas party. I knew full well when I bought them that they were only really good for occasions like that, where there would be lots of sitting down so they wouldn’t hurt too much and for wearing indoors, because they’re a lot less shoe than most others and I have bad circulation. Plus they were in the sale, so they weren’t an expensive shoe purchase, so it’s okay ;D

These shoes, however, are different. Yes, I did literally just spot them on the shelves and want them, but I’ve been wanting a pair like this for years. Ben doesn’t believe this, but I beg to differ. I bought my Vivienne Westwood 3 strap heels a long time ago and while they’re awesome, they’re also a little on the tight side and they’re not really day to day wear. I really like chunky heels at the moment because they give me a lot more stability and the opportunity to wear them more frequently because of this, so I’d been on the look out for a pair of chunkier strappy heels in a burgundy type shade (just because I love that colour and wear it all the time). Plus there was this pair of shoes from Topshop about…maybe 5 years ago, that I really wanted that were similar but completely sold out. I had an eBay alert set up for them forever but they never appeared, so when I saw these, it was fate. Ben wasn’t sure that I would have occasion to wear them, but I insisted I would wear them for work, so I had to prove my point and wear them for work this week ;D I made sure to pick a day where I didn’t need to walk to town just in case, and they held up really well – at least to my sitting all day! Take a look how I wore them on the first day of my Style Challenge.

The dress is one that gets pulled out every so often and is pretty old now, from Primark – I wore it back in 2013 on the blog here. It seemed like a summery piece at first glance, with the florals and cap sleeves, but I find myself pulling it out more in autumn and winter actually. I think it’s the darker colour of the florals and the fact that it can be layered quite well. Speaking of layering, this cardigan is another fairly old piece which I wore at Christmas a few years ago, but came from Nomads Clothing where I got this dress and this tunic too. I remember getting these pieces and thinking they were lovely but wouldn’t get a lot of wear, but it turns out they’re all still staples in my wardrobe now!

And make sure to check out all the days of the Style Challenge I’ve done so far here!

Outfit details

Cardigan: Nomads Clothing | Dress: Primark | Heels: Dorothy Perkins

Floral dress and strappy heels in winter outfit Floral dress and strappy heels in winter outfit

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  1. Lynsey
    January 8, 2017 / 11:20 am

    Great outfit, proving a point always feels good 🙂 I’m not sure I’d be great in heels all day but I agree that when you find something that you’ve been looking for that’s also in your size ou have to it. Currently I’m looking for the perfect black knee length boots, I know in my head what I want I just can’t find them (but I will!!)

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