1000 Posts at Rebel Angel!

1000 Posts at Rebel Angel

This is just a super duper quick post, but I felt I couldn’t let this occasion go past with just another random rant about my clothes and whatnot because…this is my 1000th post at Rebel Angel :O

I’ve been blogging here for nearly 7 years – the blog actually “officially” turns 7 on the 16th February, but I might as well celebrate 7 years of blogging at the same time as 1000 posts. I honestly can’t believe I’ve managed to keep up so well with this and managed to share quite so many words – in fact, I dread to think just how many words that is! I try to write more than 500 words per post, but many will exceed 800, and quite a few even exceed 1000 or 2000 words (especially book posts), so at minimum, I’d say that’s 500,000 words just in this one space, but it’s possible that it’s even over 1,000,000! That’s several novels’ worth of words!!

Rebel Angel started off as a personal style and lifestyle blog – a place to keep a record of outfits I was wearing, clothes I’d bought, cupcakes I was making. And to be honest, it’s changed a lot but hasn’t changed all that much at the same time. It’s still a space where I can share posts about anything I’m doing, wearing and thinking, but it’s grown to be a lot more “sophisticated” while still remaining personal. I’ve started throwing back to my old content that’s actually now still relevant on my Instagram – I’ve got so much on here from before the days of Instagram so it’s worth sharing it there!

Over the years, it’s amassed over 11,000 followers and has brought me opportunities I could never have imagined, mostly my job which came partly as a result of blogging – I would have known the world of digital marketing even existed without it and would still either be teaching Classics or…who knows what I would be doing?!

And I feel like I’ve come such a long way in this time. Blogging is an outlet for me creatively; it gives me something productive to do in times when I’m bored; it gives me something to focus on; it gives me motivation that I can keep up with something so consistently; and it’s brought me friends around the blogosphere. So basically, this is just one big THANK YOU to everyone that’s been here along the way and supported me – here’s to the next 1000 posts, can I possibly have that many more words in me?!


    • Sian Thomas
      February 2, 2017 / 1:00 pm

      Thanks Suzy!

  1. Lynsey
    February 1, 2017 / 4:09 pm

    Amazing!!! I love reading your posts and find them inspiring xx

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