3 health problems you don’t need to see a doctor about


There are a whole range of medical problems that merit a trip to the doctor, but with a little know-how, there are certain health complaints you can deal with yourself. Here are three problems you may be able to treat without booking an appointment with a medical professional.

  1. Certain STIs

Just the thought of going to a specialist clinic to get checked out for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) might be enough to make you blush. Luckily, you might not have to. It’s now possible to get tests and even treatments for certain STIs online by visiting reputable online pharmacies. For example, if you think you may have chlamydia, you can read up on the symptoms on the web, order a home test and, if necessary, request an antibiotic treatment. Online Doctor Lloyds Pharmacy explains the symptoms of chlamydia and offers appropriate tests and treatments, and you can use websites like this to investigate a range of other STIs as well, including genital warts and herpes. The treatments available from pharmacies can include antibiotics, antiviral tablets, topical creams and anaesthetic ointments – and they are all suitable for use at home.

When it comes to STIs, the important thing is to get tested and get reliable medical advice quickly so that you can start treatment as soon as possible.

  1. Acne

Unless you have a severe case, acne is something you should be able to treat yourself with the right products and self-help techniques. Although this medical issue can’t be cured, there are a range of creams, gels and lotions available from pharmacies that can help you to control it. The best thing to do is to visit your local pharmacy and ask for advice. Bear in mind that treatments can take a few months to work, so you shouldn’t expect miracles overnight. Once they do start to take effect though, the results are usually good.

Switching up your skincare routine might also help you to clear your spots. For example, try not to wash the affected areas more than twice a day to keep irritation to a minimum, and make sure you use a mild cleanser or soap and lukewarm water. Avoid the temptation to squeeze your spots too, and try to avoid wearing lots of makeup as this can block your pores.

  1. Flu

There’s no doubt that being struck down with a bout of the flu can make you feel extremely weak and unwell, but this doesn’t mean you should immediately book yourself an appointment with your GP. In fact, unless you’re pregnant or have a chronic medical condition like heart disease or diabetes, it’s much better to stay at home. Struggling down to your local surgery will almost certainly make you feel worse, and it means you risk spreading the virus to others.

Usually, the worst symptoms of the flu start to fade after around a week, although sometimes they can stick around for longer. While you’re feeling ill, the best thing to do is rest and stay warm at home. You should also drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, and you can take ibuprofen or paracetamol to relieve your aches and pains and lower your temperature.

For conditions like these, a trip to your doctor could be a waste of both your time. If you’re in doubt about a particular health problem though and think you may need to see a medical professional, it’s best to play it safe and book yourself an appointment.

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