5 Subscription Boxes I’ve Tried

Subscription boxes are a major thing in the blogosphere – you can’t go a couple of days within spotting a blog post from someone you follow showing off their latest haul from a beauty box, and Instagram is constantly throwing subscription boxes in front of me, from yummy looking foods to more interesting ones like yoga boxes (yes, I really want to try one of these!). Over time, I’ve been massively influenced by the boxes other bloggers have received and bought – I’m easily persuaded, let’s just say that! If you’re interested in trying out a subscription box, this list of the best ones in the UK might give you some inspiration, but here are 5 that I’ve tried and my thoughts on them:

Hellofresh Subscription Box review


(Psst, you get 25% off your first box if you click on my link here or above!) I tried out HelloFresh last year because my bosses had been getting the boxes for a while and gushing about how awesome they are, then there was a really good discount that meant we got our first one for £24. There are often a lot of discounts out there for this one, so check them out! HelloFresh is a food service where your fresh ingredients and recipes are delivered weekly. You have a choice of 3 or 5 days of meals, as well as for how many people and meat-eaters or veggie.
Personally, I really liked HelloFresh at the time. The value for money is really good if you have a discount code, plus you get good, local, independent and healthy food. I also really enjoyed their recipes too and didn’t have one I didn’t like. Their customer service left a little something to be desired though as (long story short!) we were charged for a box when we were supposed to be on pause, then we received and paid for another box when I’d been assured it was cancelled. Nevertheless, the box and the recipes were really good.

Glossybox review


Glossybox was my first ever subscription box back when they were just starting up as a trend – I reviewed it on the blog back in 2012! They are a beauty box that deliver you beauty products every month. At the time, I liked the products in the box – they were interesting and usually ones I hadn’t tried before, which was nice, but I cancelled after around 6-7 months because I was ending up with too many similar products and not using them all. I’d be interested to see how they’re doing now though a few years on – I’m sure they’ve got even more awesome since they’re still around and successful!

My Little Box

I signed up for My Little Box at the end of 2014 and have been receiving boxes monthly since then, except with a break in the middle where my card expired and I didn’t bother to update it – I got jealous of seeing the awesome things that Hannah and Laura were getting at work though, so I reinstated it, and I don’t regret it! My Little Box is a lifestyle subscription box from a French company. The contents always include at least a couple of beauty items, ranging from moisturisers to make up and everything in between, but also include a few other “surprise” pieces – we’ve had T shirts, scarves, diaries, salted caramel spread, passport covers, jewellery, gym bags, and more. I love the surprise of each month with My Little Box – even if I don’t personally use what I’ve got, they make great gifts!
I think My Little Box is good value for money, costing £14.95 per month.

Gin Explorer Review

Gin Explorer

I subscribed to Gin Explorer as a gift for Ben’s birthday in October last year after seeing bloggers raving about it and chose the 3 month subscription option. Ben is a big fan of gin, and I’m happy with a gin and tonic every now and then, plus you get some really interesting types and flavours of gin along with various tonics, mixers, occasional snacks and other gifts. It seems a little pricey at first – the 3 month option was £69.99 – but considering what you get, it’s pretty good value. You usually get 3 or 4 small bottles which give you 2 measures of gin each, plus all the extras. We actually ended up buying a full bottle of a favourite from one box!
They also had really awesome customer service as one of my boxes turned up with a smashed bottle (oh no!), but they were super quick to reply and got a new one in the post for me that day, even though it was a matter of days before Christmas – nice work!

The Melt Crowd

And this is one that Ben signed me up to for my birthday about a year ago! For £10 a month, you receive 8 scented wax melts, and you receive a free burner the first month too. Since I love candles and scented things, I really loved this. The only problem? I didn’t have enough time to burn them all! After about 6 months, we ended up pausing it because we had too many melts to count, and we’re still working through them now. So basically, I think that’s awesome value for money and one I will definitely resubscribe to once we’ve worked our way through these ones! You often get ones that are released before they go on their site and exclusive ones for certain occasions too. The good things about these is they also fit through your letterbox. And they all smell amazing.

Do you subscribe to any boxes? Would you recommend them?

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  1. February 4, 2017 / 6:42 pm

    I love subscription boxes but haven’t tried any of these ones yet. I really love the sound of the melt crowd one, will have to check that out

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