Best Mattresses For Heavy Sleepers*


Getting the best mattress is a very daunting task. It gets more difficult if you are a heavy person because they have many different requirements when it comes to sleeping. A mattress that is ideal for a lighter person will never work well for a heavier person.

And if you do not have the right mattress, you will be compromising your sleep and this will impact your health so much. Also, having trouble sleeping is associated with many other negative health effects and heavy weight is one of them. So if you are a heavy person and you find that your current mattress is uncomfortable, you must visit and get a new one otherwise you will develop more health problems.

You will find a variety of mattresses but it is futile to shell out money on a mattress if you do not know the properties for a mattress that is good for a heavy person. Because of this, it is indispensible to find detailed and reliable information together with reviews so that you know what will work well for you.

So when you want to buy a mattress for a heavy weight person first look at the thickness. The thickness of a mattress is very important in determining the best mattress for an overweight person. If you weigh less than two hundred pounds, a ten inch (25cm) mattress is ideal for you. But if you weigh more than two hundred pounds, you should consider those mattresses whose thickness is more than 12 inches (30 cm). The main benefit of these thick mattresses is deep compression support. A heavy person naturally exerts so much pressure on a mattress than others. So if a mattress is thin, it will not be able to offer the needed amount of support.

The loom and leaf mattress is a good example of a mattress that is 12 inches and it has 6.5 inch comfort foam above a 5.5 inch support foam base. Its gel foam, thick layers and other features make it ideal for heavy people. 10 inch mattresses which have an additional thick comfort layer, advanced foam or any other feature that boosts deep compression support can provide comfort to heavy weight people as well.

The firmness of a mattress is also important for heavy weight sleepers. Firmness is however also determined by what type of sleeper the person is. Heavy people mostly tend to feel more comfortable on mattresses whose firmness ranges between medium and firm. These types of mattresses maintain their shape much better compared to others and they also provide long lasting support to heavy weight sleepers.

The medium-firm mattresses are able to provide long lasting support to heavy weight sleepers because of their high density foam and other materials which provide the correct pushback. This in turn maintains support due to the mattress foam layers and prevents the sleeper from sinking into the uncomfortable base materials.

Edge support is also very important for heavy people. Mattresses with strong and stable edges help in preventing craving in or sagging when sleeping near the edges. Edge support for heavy people is crucial because when they wake up, they all have to sit for some few seconds and if the edge support is poor, one day the mattress will collapse suddenly while they are on their sweat dream and they end up falling and get injured.

Mattresses which have the best edge support include the hybrid designs, those made with springs and that have a coil on coil construction. Memory foam mattresses are the only type of mattresses which lack good edge support and so they should be avoided by the heavy weight sleepers.


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