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Downstairs Bathroom renovation: after - Great Gatsby quote & hexagon shelfDecorating is something that many people enjoy. They love everything from getting an idea, sourcing the materials they need, and doing the necessary work.

However, when it comes to DIY and home decor everyone has an Achilles heel, something that they find difficult. For many people, coming up with the initial ideas is tricky.

Fortunately, this issue can easily be solved once you know where to turn for inspiration. To help you with this potential issue I have put together this list of places where you can pick up great home decor ideas.

TV shows

If you are watching a TV show and see a room that you particularly like go online and try to find a still shot of it. You can often find photos that include interior shots on fan websites, or by searching Google images.

If you can, print it out, or save it to your laptop. That way you can use it as a reference point so that you can recreate that look in your own home.

Local show homes

In most parts of the country, there are new houses being constructed. Often, prospective buyers can view a show home. Usually, these display homes are decorated in the latest style. They are then staged using show home furniture.

Visiting these modern homes gives you a chance to see some of the decorating ideas from design magazines brought to life. They are great sources of inspiration. With the added benefit that they enable you to determine whether the latest styles are right for your home.


If you are planning to redecorate a specific room, home decor themed Pinterest boards are great sources of ideas. You can quickly scan through the images and click the links to be taken to websites that tell you more, and help you to recreate the look in your own home.

To see a great example of the type of Pinterest boards you should be looking for, just click here or take a look at mine. There you can view thousands of different bathroom designs. Once you become familiar with Pinterest, you will never be short of inspiration.

Pick up ideas on your travels

Most of us take vacations. This means that we regularly stay in hotels, accommodation we find on sites like Airbnb or bed and breakfast establishments, all of which are unique.

Holiday accommodation can be a great source of home decor ideas. Whenever you see something you like, take a photo to remind you of what you saw, and make a note of why you liked it. Boutique hotels are particularly good sources of inspiration.

Shop windows

If you have a large department store or DIY store near you have a look at their homeware window display. Doing so will give you ideas about how to combine the latest accessories, and which colours work best together.

These are just a few sources of potential inspiration. The truth is that there are ideas all around you. All you have to do is to pause, absorb what you see and photograph anything that catches your eye.

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