Revamping your Bathroom to help you to sell your House Fast

Revamping bathroom

In a competitive housing market, selling your property can be tricky. If you are not careful, you can end up having found your dream home, but not being able to move because your house has not sold yet. Our bathroom is literally being revamped right this minute (eek!), so I wanted to share these tips on how to make sure your bathroom gives your house the best chance it can get at being sold.

Standing out from the rest

To stand any chance of selling your property fast, and for a good price, you need to be able to stand out from the crowd, and do so in a positive way. Buyers are naturally drawn to well-kept properties that look good. Properties that are properly staged always sell faster, and for more money. Some things are more important than others are.

Numerous studies show that buyers are drawn to properties with good kitchens and bathrooms. This is the case in many different parts of the world, so it really does make sense for you to make sure that these rooms look as good as possible. Today, we are focusing on bathrooms.

Replacing your existing bathroom suite

If you are selling your home, it is rarely a good idea to spend tens of thousands on replacing everything. However, if you have a very dated or badly worn bathroom suite it can still make sense to replace it.

Fortunately, on you can buy what you need without having to spend a fortune. If your house has been on the market for some time, it is definitely worth investigating this option. Very few buyers will want to move into a home where they have to replace the bathroom.

Deep clean your bathroom

If you already have a nice bathroom suite, you may still need to do some work to make sure that it appeals to potential buyers. It is particularly important to deep clean your bathroom. The more the tiles, sinks and bath gleam, the more attractive it will seem to buyers. It is well worth spending a couple of hours cleaning the grout and tiles.

Replace your towels

It is also important to keep a set of  new towels in a cupboard, and get them out and put them on display before potential buyers arrive. Little things like this make a huge difference to how people will feel when they see your bathroom. If you use bath mats take the time to replace those too, and put out a fresh bar of soap.


You should de-clutter your entire home before putting it on the market, but it is particularly important to tidy up your bathroom before showing your home. Giving everyone a plastic tub to keep his or her toiletries in will make the task of de-cluttering your bathroom for each showing, much easier. Taking this approach means that all you have to do is to put the lids on, and slide them under the bed or stack them up in a cupboard somewhere. If you want you can do something similar for each of your other rooms.

If you want more ideas about how to refresh and update your bathroom, you can find some here.

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