Style is Timeless: Men’s Clothing Wishlist

Those of you that have been around the blog for a while will know that Ben likes to make the odd appearance every now and then – I think he likes to try and claim that any blog success I have must come from him, so he has to show his face every so often! That’s despite the fact that he doesn’t actually read the blog. In fact, he went on it for the first time in about 3 years the other day just to show a colleague what we’d been eating recently and was surprised to see all the other things I’d blogged about too!

I talk about women’s clothing a lot, so today I wanted to write a bit more about men’s clothing too. I’m no expert, just like I’m no expert on women’s fashion either, but there’s something about men’s fashion that makes it really interesting. There are a few male style bloggers out there that I follow, and I always enjoy seeing their outfits, particularly ones that are vintage-inspired, harking back to the dapper old-time slacks and shirts of days gone by.

Ben’s style is very different to that though. He isn’t a fan of vintage fashions, and that’s fine with me, but he does occasionally take inspiration from clothing that’s slightly retro (even if he doesn’t notice!). Most of the time at the moment, you’ll find him wearing a pair of jeans and a plain tee – simple but effective.

People often think that male style can be “boring” because there isn’t a lot of variation – they tend to wear a lot fewer colours and patterns in their clothing; they don’t have the option of separates as opposed to dresses, skirts and trousers; there are a lot fewer accessories out there for men. So I decided to put together a bit of a wishlist of men’s clothing for fun – what do you think?

men's style
Two grey tops, one from Chums who have a fantastic selection of men’s clothing online, and one from Crew. Yes, I’m a little obsessed with grey – what of it?!
I decided to pick out a couple of accessories to go with this outfit, to challenge the perception somewhat of men not having many accessories. Of course, a watch is completely necessary and I also love the gold face and leather-look band of this one – in fact, I’d wear it myself! The bag is from Mahi Leather – a company that I came across recently and fell in love with. I’m already a massive fan of the leather satchel look and I love the fact that they can be carried by anyone and look cool (check them out on Instagram). But in addition to that, Mahi Leather are the kind of company that you just want to buy from. They cut out the middleman that make buying bags like these expensive, while still providing a fair wage to the craftsmen that produce high quality products. Plus they also donate $1.50 from each sale to FRANK Water who have helped over 300,000 access clean water since 2005. Now that’s the kind of company I like giving my money to!
And finally, Ben’s obsessed with these jeans lately, and luckily, they seem to be on trend at the moment because they’re everywhere! To be specific, men’s slim stretch jeans – he’s bought like 4 pairs and only wears these right now. These are great because the slim fit means that they look ever so slightly smarter for occasionwear, and the stretch in the denim means that he gets a good and comfortable fit.
What do you think of the items I picked?

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