Wishlist: If I Won the Lottery…*

We all have these kind of wishlists, don’t we? The ones where you turn to each other when you’re sat eating leftovers, watching TV, and say “What would you do with the money if we won the lottery?” While I’m not a big gambler – I’m often too scared to take risks and was reluctant to part with my money when we actually stayed at a casino once – we do enter the lottery by direct debit for that just in case, and it does sometimes pay off – we get the occasional £10, £20, £5 here and there! Although I’ve got to say, it is rather frustrating to see that email that says “You’ve won!”, imagining untold riches before you, then realising it’s only £5 again! The one we enter actually sends the entry fee to charity, so even if we don’t win, we’re still paying into a charity by direct debit, so it’s nice to know.

And like I said, doesn’t everyone have a wishlist that extends into the thousands (millions?!) of dream items they would buy only if they won the lottery?! While there are a lot of other things that would have priority, at some point in this list are the fashion and clothing items that I would just love to buy if I had the chance, so I decided to share a little bit of that dream wishlist today – things which I will, to be honest, never buy, but ones that are just so gorgeous, you’re continually inspired by them.



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So it appears I’m very into blush and pink shades right now – my most recent outfit featured this colour and my Fashion & Style Pinterest board is absolutely overflowing with outfits featuring it. I think it’s possibly because now we’re (very slowly) heading towards spring, I’m starting to want to wear all colours light, bright and pastel inspired, and blush pink is the epitome of that. Then I love the contrast of black and grey against them – black for the more “tough girl” look, grey to compliment the softer shades in it. To be honest, I’m not going to be wearing a floaty pink maxi dress any time soon while the temperatures are still hovering around freezing and it’s raining every other day, but I can dream, right? And Vivienne Westwood shoes are always going to make a dream wishlist for me – I could wear shoes like this every day and not get bored ever!

Do you have an “if I won the lottery” fashion wishlist? What’s on it?

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