Yoga & Workout Wishlist

Today I’m bringing you a quick wishlist or everything yoga and workout because I’m a little bit more than obsessed with yoga-wear right now. Charley got me some amazing arm warmers and socks for Christmas, plus I’ve got a collection of various different pieces of sportswear, including Bam, Nike and, surprisingly, Lidl and Aldi, so I’m feeling pretty awesome in my yoga gear right now, but there’s always room for more!

yoga clothes
So at the moment I’ve got several pairs of leggings that I use for yoga, but only two of those are warmer, full length ones, and I don’t really have any cover up type tops. The big problem with this is that the room we do yoga in at work is pretty much freezing in the winter, as in, we have to go in and turn on a small portable heater half an hour before going to practise so we don’t freeze! Hence the need for the baggy cover up trousers and “Yogi” slogan sweater.
I don’t really need shorts as I have 2 pairs of them that haven’t yet been used much for yoga. And the top I definitely don’t need as I have countless strappy yoga tops, but that back is gorgeous! The sports bra however I’m always in need of, especially ones that are in grey marl. I love this kind of fabric for sportswear and haven’t yet found a sports bra like this. I don’t need a lot of support for yoga wear so I usually just wear a normal bra for yoga, but I have started occasionally wearing more “fashionable” style sports bras too that look good rather than have much function – I think this one is a bit of both though!
yoga accessories

Yoga Matters Kit Bag | Limitless Yoga Wheel | Manduka Mat Spray | NEUlotus

And a few yoga “props” that I love but don’t necessarily need! I’m currently using a bag that came with My Little Box over a year ago for carrying my yoga stuff around and it’s completely broken – the zip has come off entirely! – so this one is gorgeous and looks sturdy. The Yoga Wheel is mostly because I’ve seen yogis on Instagram looking awesome using them and I feel like it will help support me in certain poses. The mat spray because my mat is SO grubby! I keep using antibacterial wipes to clean it, but I really like the idea of mat spray. Then there’s headphones – I don’t usually use them for yoga (because I’m watching videos but I like them for working out in the gym and if I go out running (which is approximately…never…right now!) – this list of the best ones for working out is great. And finally the NEUlotus which has like a million different uses: for sitting on to lengthen your spine in seated poses; for more grounding in balance poses (like above); to use for comfort under your head in headstand type poses; the list goes on!

What’s on your yoga or work out wishlist?


  1. February 10, 2017 / 11:54 am

    Great selection! I want that jumper 🙂

    Ingrid |

    • Sian Thomas
      February 16, 2017 / 10:43 am

      I feel like I would wear that jumper all the time, not just for yoga! I really want it 😀

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