5 Ways to Enhance Your Kitchen This Spring

Spring is often a symbol for new beginnings and fresh starts, which makes it the perfect season to update your home; particularly the kitchen. Often the most used room in the house, it has become a social hub as well as a place for food prep. Whether it’s the amount of storage you have to arrange your utensils and crockery, or the colours and design of the room itself, spring might just be the time to start again with it.

As the weather starts to get better, the kitchen becomes popular for preparing BBQ food and making fresh food to match the season. This could be ten times more enjoyable if you are doing it in a kitchen that is much more inviting and comforting. Keep your eye out for a post later on about where our kitchen is at right now, but if you’re looking to enhance your kitchen this spring, here are just a few tips from Kitchen Finesse to help you on your way:

Kitchen Worktops

Get The Right Kitchen Worktops

The worktops in your kitchen are an incredibly practical part of the design, but they must also be the right design and style too in order for you to enjoy using your kitchen. If you want to make your kitchen much more convenient, then updating your kitchen worktops is a great place to start.

They can have an impact on the overall aesthetics of the room, so consider the material and colour so they can match the existing style of your kitchen. You should also give some thought to the main features your worktops would benefit from, such as durability. After all, your kitchen worktops go through a lot! Many worktops are now designed to be low maintenance, so that you can spend more time enjoying yourself instead of cleaning up; for example, some kitchen worktops are now made with a high resistance to spillages or other damage.

Choosing quality kitchen worktops is more of an investment, and they are something you might find yourself keeping for a good few years. Brands such as Corian and Silestone remain popular choices for their innovative design.

Include All The Modern Appliances

Arguably, it is your kitchen appliances that really complete a kitchen and make it easy to use. Appliances are forever improving and becoming easier to use, so that you can make the most of your modern kitchen. If you’ve been eyeing up the latest gadgets, it might finally be time to invest in them and update your kitchen.

From oven hobs to fridge freezers and everything in between, this is an important part of your kitchen to get right. Many modern appliances are built with the principle that the kitchen is so much more than just a place for cooking; making life much easier for you with their versatile design and impressive style. Household names like Bosch and Neff offer the chance for you to update your appliances and create the kitchen you’ve always dreamt of.

Modern kitchen

Brighten Up Your Kitchen Walls

Of course sometimes a room just needs a little bit of TLC and this might be in the form of a fresh lick of paint. Now that spring has arrived you may be looking towards lighter colours that breathe new life into your kitchen. Giving your kitchen a makeover in this way can make sure your interior design is on trend; with so many new colours becoming popular in spring and summer, you can find the perfect shade to complement your kitchen design.

Neutral colours always work incredibly well, or even a feature wall to add a focal point to the room. Some of the most popular colours for kitchen walls include yellow, beige and turquoise; colours that also work well for spring!

Improve The Lighting

Making sure the kitchen is well lit is another important part of enhancing its design. If your kitchen looks dark and dull, it’s not exactly the most enticing room to prepare food or even relax with the family. Look at your options, whether they be spotlights under the cupboards or more ceiling lights.

In addition, you could ensure that all blinds in your kitchen are allowing enough natural light in. Thanks to longer hours of daylight in spring and summer, you may benefit from the sun streaming in through the day!

Invest An Entire New Kitchen

If you are looking for a bigger change in your kitchen this year, you might want to consider a whole new kitchen for your home! Having a new fitted kitchen could mean that you finally get the design you’ve always wanted. Ensuring that your new kitchen is functional, stylish and convenient for your lifestyle, there are endless options to choose from.

Brands like Schuller or Mereway are able to offer stunning features, designs and colours that can fit in beautifully with your home. From classic country kitchens to contemporary options, you can start afresh this spring and create the kitchen you’ve always wanted, complete with the latest appliances and storage solutions.

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