The Best Office Environments In The UK

Bronco office

The UK is full of amazing office spaces and environments for companies to work in. No matter whether they contain slides, garden sheds or simply work pods to work in, the office environment is an important place. My office is pretty awesome – we have a meeting “shed”; we have our own gym; we get all the biscuits we could want; we have standing desks and fancy chairs; and it also just looks really cool too with rubies cube side tables and funky sofas.

You want your staff to work well, in a happy environment and be as productive as possible. That is why your office environment needs to be on point and the perfect place for your employees to work.

If you are looking to re-fit your office space then you need to make sure you get expert advice, help and a supplier that knows what they are talking about just like Egan Reid.

And, before you do, here are three of the best office environments in the UK to give you some design inspiration:

Nicolas Tye Architects

This architecture firm based in Bedfordshire with offices across the UK has won awards for their office built in the heart of the English countryside. The panoramic views, open space and creative environment is perfect for any architecture project to take inspiration from.

This kind of space is empowered mainly because of its location. Its openness to the surrounding environment and therefore interaction with nature.

For an architectural office it works perfectly because there are no distractions of other businesses and buildings around. They can take inspiration from the space instead.


Nowadays most people have heard about Airbnb. The company which provides spare rooms and apartments to people across the world. This means you can book a holiday and get last minute deals on places in thousands of different locations. They now have over 1.5 million listings in around 34,000 cities.

Their central London office is designed to take inspiration from British history and couple that with a space to provide a great working community. They have incorporated the farm, the countryside, markets and a library all to reflect British heritage.

To recreate this in your own office you can decide to make each desk more spacious, introduce more comfortable seating and designate areas to casual office work. This means your staff can integrate with people from different teams and also work in an environment that isn’t so set.

A car rental company based in Manchester, Rental Cars has taken the time to design their office not only with their staff in mind but with inspiration coming from their brand as well.

Their office has themed meeting rooms ranging from everything like James Bond to Las Vegas with entrances that mimic different driveways. On top of this they have an open air cinema, top floor beach and even a Starbucks!! What more could you ask for?

This office offers fun at work making the employees want to come and have a productive day before relaxing with a trip to the cinema.

There are thousands of amazing offices out there but the most important thing to remember is that they work for that business.

Finding what works for you and what you need to improve on certainly is a great place to start!

PS: Image borrowed from my boss, Becky Naylor. That’s the Bronco offices – cool, yes?

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